No Sympathy for economic saboteurs

Frankly, the war vets can expect no sympathy from the Zimbabwean public. The collapse of our economy began with Mugabe’s ill-advised move to pay a gratuity of $50,000 to each war veteran.

These same war vets had already been paid money for their role in the 1970s bush war, at independence. It was also the war vets who led the eviction of white commercial farmers in 2000.

The same war vets were beneficiaries of Mugabe’s chaotic land “reform” programme. Zimbabwe’s granaries have been choked by cobwebs ever since and the country is importing maize to feed millions who are threatened with starvation. Many lost their jobs and the elderly are now pension-less, thanks to the war vets and the farm seizures.

‘Land is wealth,’ we have constantly been told by Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) government. Well, all the wealth is now in the hands of the war vets, surely. If any of us are crying, those are tears of laughter.

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