One-woman invasion spree

On our front page this week we carry the story of Mandi Chimene, the Provincial Affairs Minister for Manicaland, who has embarked on a one-woman farm invasion spree in the province.

Paul Bogaert
Paul Bogaert

She had been allocated a farm before she was appointed minister. Since then she has invaded Didymus Mutasa’s farm in Headlands, as well a commercial farm owned by a white farmer who she alleges was being protected by Mutasa.

Now she has invaded another farm run by a group of black Zimbabweans. The reason for this invasion? – the farmers are said to be members of the MDC.

It would seem, as all thinking Zimbabweans have suspected all along, that the so-called land “reform” programme has nothing to do with correcting the imbalances of the past. It has everything to do with punishing opponents while feeding the Zanu (PF)’s insatiable greed.

This group of Zimbabweans has lost its land only because this politician covets the developments on the farm, which include a butchery. This woman is dangerous. She behaves like a bull in a china shop. This is a clear case of abuse of power.

But then again who is going to stop her? What she is doing in Manicaland is happening all over the country – and has been for the past 15 years – at all echelons of the party’s leadership. This is the Zanu (PF) stock in trade. In between invading farms, perhaps Mandi Chimene could tell us what is the difference between her actions and other forms of discrimination such as racism, xenophobia and apartheid?

Or is she too busy amassing wealth to pay attention to such inconvenient details?

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