Zanu (PF) now a cult

The death of Amos Midzi, and numerous others before him, proves that many who join Zanu (PF) end up selling their soul to the devil – and end their lives in daunting misery.


This is particularly true of those who attain fairly high positions in the party. Midzi was once a cabinet minister, ambassador and Zanu (PF) provincial chairman for Harare province. He was recently found dead in his car.

Zanu (PF) bears an uncanny resemblance to a cult. In every cult, there is a supreme leader whose powers and authority must not be questioned or challenged. He is widely believed to be immortal and, as a rule, can only leave the shrine when he dies. Every initiated member must worship the ground on which he treads and he is a god unto himself.

The latest news filtering in is that Midzi was under a police probe for extortion and other horrible crimes that we were not told about when he was still alive. The demons started haunting him when it became clear that he was backing former vice president Joice Mujuru to take over from the shrine leader, Robert Mugabe. He broke the rules and therefore became a troubled man who could no longer be at peace with his soul.

Magical powers

Normally, the cult leader lives a more or less secluded life and is believed to wield magical powers. He rules by fear and his subjects tremble at the sight of him. This is what we have grown to know about the Zanu (PF) leader. He makes his followers jelly-kneed and all that have dared show an interest in his throne have lived to regret their ambitions.

The latest victims are Mujuru and her factional loyalists. Mujuru was increasingly showing impatience at Mugabe’s prolonged stay on the throne and the Supreme Leader got wind of that. The rest is history.

Last year, a resolution was made at the shrine—the Zanu (PF) congress—that Mugabe should be the one and only centre of power. That means no-one can challenge his leadership. He will only leave when he dies. In the underworld of cults, change only happens when the leader dies. Those that seek to achieve it before then do so at their peril. Members who dare succeed the living leader are killed, die mysteriously or are banished to the desert. In that desert, they wander like madmen, wound-infested and hungry, until they die.

Secrecy & silence

Cults have rules and regulations that members who join must make vows to and live by. The rules must never be broken. They speak of secrecy and horrific rituals that are passed from one generation to the next. There is therefore a thick blanket of secrecy and silence that is associated with these evil institutions.

Needless to say, members participate in the rituals because they vowed to do so and are expected to always adhere to the rules and commands. This perfectly applies in Zanu (PF). Top members are initiated into the world of crime, murder and corruption. They prosper in the cauldron of this web of evil. Their enemies die in mysterious accidents, disappear and are driven away from the land.

They grow fat bank balances, acquire prime farms and make mega-money deals that would shock the devil out of hell. They thus become trapped in the web and cannot extricate themselves from it.

Problems begin when they break the rules. Midzi did just that by supporting Mujuru. They were both banished. Midzi’s soul became very restless and the only thing left was for him to take his own life. He knew too much about the cult and participated too well in its vile acts. It is therefore not surprising that the very mouthpiece that normally acts as the shrine voice—the state media—is now telling us that Midzi was being investigated for extorting money from vendors and hapless citizens.

Death certificate

Crime, as I said, is one of the ways of the Zanu (PF) cult. It goes untold for as long as one is still politically correct. The evil deeds of members only get known when they become persona non grata.

Cults have a deep-seated fear that ejected members can reveal their secrets. The powers of the leader and the whole cult depend on keeping these secrets. Once a member is declared undesirable, he or she must die or have his image tarnished beyond repair so that no-one can take them seriously.

Many mysterious deaths have been reported in Zanu (PF). There are many people out there who are convinced that Edward Chindori-Chininga was killed for exposing cult secrets. He was a former party heavyweight who, like Midzi, at one time ran the mines ministry. He led a team of parliamentarians who exposed rampant theft and abuse of diamonds at Chiadzwa. Some say once you become a member of Zanu (PF) at a significantly high level, you have signed your death certificate. If you don’t die physically, your soul will definitely die.

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