National Convention on next month

The National Convergence Platform (NCP) is to hold a Convention in Harare on Saturday October 24 to formulate a national plan of action for Zimbabweans as a united force to address the deteriorating social and economic conditions.

Bishop Bakare: no political party interests – just national interest.

Bishop Bakare: no political party interests – just national interest.

The NCP is a non- partisan, apolitical and inclusive platform that seeks to promote national convergence and restore national unity, cohesion and tolerance to Zimbabwean society.

It seeks to mobilise and engage all Zimbabweans, at home and in the Diaspora, to come up with solutions to the deteriorating social and economic conditions that it believes need urgent attention.

The Convention is an effort being led by Bishop Sebastian Bakare to initiate dialogue among Zimbabweans across the social spectrum. “Zimbabwean individuals and organisations that have a vested interest in a prosperous society underpinned by inclusive politics and a productive economy that meets the aspirations of all,” says a statement by the NCP.

The Convention will be a non-partisan and apolitical platform. The statement stresses that it is “neither a political party nor is it designed to further any particular political party interests, but merely to address national interests as Zimbabweans.”
Political parties may participate in the convention, but only as equal participants with all other Zimbabweans who wish to see a better future for our nation.

On the agenda at the Convention in October will be the motivation of Zimbabweans to participate in addressing our socio-economic challenges as a matter of urgency, and a strategy to map the way forward with regard to how all Zimbabweans can find solutions together. It is hoped that a representative body will be set up at the meeting and given the mandate to implement the resolutions taken.

The Convention is expected to attract about 2,500 delegates – including representatives of political parties, trade unions, youths, students, women, business, churches, individuals, traders  and NGO’s.

A number of thematic committees have already been formed and are expected produce sectorial reports of proposed solutions which will be discussed. – For more information contact: VINCE MUSEWE tel: 0776917440; [email protected]

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