Open Letter to Parirenyatwa

I hope i find you well and in good health.

Dr David Parirenyatwa

Dr David Parirenyatwa

I equally hope that you read  my last letter and I assume your response is in the way and i am fully cognisant of the bearucratic nature of government and hence the delay.

I write this letter to you minister after  the exposure of your nasty deals at PSMAS. If the reports we read are true that you were “capitated” $100 000 by the  financially troubled PSMAS  then this country is in serious problems much more than we anticipated.

You are aware that your office requires an honest, patriotic and impartial individual as the health of the nation rests in your wise or unwise decesions. I have always wondered why you had turned a blind eye to the rot at PSMAS. Little did i and the nation knew that as most doctors where struggling to get their dues from PSMAS you were being “capitated”.

You are aware that doctors at some point in time wanted to sue PSMAS for failing to settle longstanding debts. Your dirty hand in authoring the much rebuked PSMAS presidential immunity is now a public secret. Why would you unnecessarily drag the President into the PSMAS saga when nicodemously you are awarded such hefty golden handshakes?

With the religious way in which we preach ZIMASSET and the ten point plan can we exonerate you from economic sabotage when millions of Zimbabweans are being turned away by doctors and other service providers as a result of PSMAS failure to pay it’s debts.

Minister the last time I checked you were still a general practitioner and according to the gazzeted  tarrifs will you be able to treat such a huge number of PSMAS patients considering that you are farmer and Cabinet minister.

Minister it’s time you take a leaf from your  late father who was a selfless, inspirational and gallant liberator and doctor who gave his all to Zimbabwe. Your actions in deliberately failing to protect medical doctors and patients is a deviation from his true ideals. Minister it is honourable that you resign and apologise to the nation. You go down the history lane as the worst this country has ever witnessed.

As a point of departure comrade minister it is never too late to save your proffesional reputation by avoiding further embarrasment to your self and to those who appointed you. Why would you wait for us to launch a nationwide petition calling for your sacking?

Dr Fortune Nyasha Nyamande

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association President

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