Abduction 2000-2016

A week ago I wrote of the tragedy of the disappeared and the abduction of Itayi Dzamara in March 2015.

Sheffra-Dzamarakid-and-Patson-DzamaraSince then I have received the attached report which, to put it mildly, is completely shocking. Even to me who has been in the trenches for a long time, I had no idea that abductions were being used on such a scale to intimidate the opposition in Zimbabwe. Couple this report by a respected NGO to the genocide of Ghukurahundi and Murambatsvina and then the vicious campaigns since 2000 and you establish a regime of terror and cruelty beyond belief.

Today we in the MDC proposed a urgent motion in Parliament calling for the State to investigate the disappearance of Itayi and to prosecute those responsible. The Speaker asked those in favour of a debate on the motion to stand and when all MDC Members stood, not a single Zanu PF member stood with us – what do these people think I asked myself. By behaving like this they are associated with his abduction and probable death. The TV cameras were recording this shameful display with the whole country watching.

Read this report – 5894 recorded abductions since 2000 – more than one a day for 16 years. 10 per cent severe injuries due to torture, 70 per cent moderate to severe injuries. 81 deaths confirmed and over 300 disappeared – probably dead. Not a single conviction even though many victims identified their abductors – showing a complete system of immunity for any who conduct such operations on behalf of the State. Read the verbatim accounts of victims, just imagine what this means in the communities who have stood up to this tyranny for the past 16 years and have not retaliated in any way. Brave democrats who have given their lives in defense of their hard won freedoms gained in 1980 after a savage guerilla war for Independence.

I defy anyone not to be moved by this report and challenge all of us to keep up the struggle until we can achieve what we all want for ourselves and our children.

Report attached Abductions in Zimbabwe 2000-2016

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