An Update on Human Rights Violations in Zimbabwe

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State-sponsored torture was widespread around the 2008 elections.

State-sponsored torture was widespread around the 2008 elections.

Province and District The General Environment Nature of human rights violation.
Mashonaland West –Mhondoro Ngezi Tense On 11 March 2016, ZANU PF leader in Ward 11b called for a meeting where he summoned Traditional leaders and ZANU PF supporters and told them that they should start a process of identifying Zimbabwe People First supporters in the area and vowed that those found to be sympathizing or supporting Zimbabwe People First will be “dealt with” by ZANU PF youths in the area.


In Ward 5, ZANU PF Councillor, Chengeta has also dispatched a team of ZANU PF supporters to move around the ward writing names of people perceived to be Zimbabwe People First supporters. On the 12th of March 2016, ZANU PF youths led by a war veteran only identified as Mukandi told people who were on their way to receive food aid at Turf Growth point that ZANU PF youths will set up bases where suspected Zimbabwe People First supporters will be “dealt with”.


In ward 11a, a ZANU PF Councillor, Mr. Zijena called for a  meeting in the ward on the 13th of March and warned villagers against joining the Zimbabwe People First party and vowed that he will defend ZANU PF even if it means resorting to violence. He also told those gathered that supporters of Zimbabwe People First will be denied any form of food aid that will come in the area.

Mashonaland West-Hurungwe Moderate On 10 March 2016, at Deve Business Centre, Ward 24, ZANU PF Councillor  Mr. Kuyerukana distributed maize and openly declared that only those people who had been loyal to ZANU PF particularly during last years’ by elections would receive the maize. He gave the directive to Traditional leaders present that only ZANU PF supporters would receive the maize. He threatened villagers that those who remain defiant by continuing to support other political parties would starve due to hunger.


Harare-Mbare Tense  On Sunday 6 March 2016, ZANU PF Youths and MDC-T youths clashed in Mbare after disagreements over a venue that had been booked well in advance for a campaign rally by MDC-T youths. About 30 MDC-T youths were reportedly injured in the skirmishes with others hospitalised after being pelted with stones and bricks.
Manicaland-Rusape Moderate  On the 4th of March 2016, 30 ZANU PF youths fought running battles with their counterparts from the opposition Zimbabwe People First over use of the ruling party’s building in Rusape, leaving tenants leasing the property stranded.
Harare-Glen View Moderate Suspected ZANU PF youths on 12 March 2016, stormed and disrupted a Zimbabwe People First district rally in Harare’s Glen View 1 suburb where they threw stones at hundreds of Joice Mujuru’s supporters. As a result, a number of supporters were injured while several vehicles damaged. Members of the Police intervened and restored order.
Mashonaland East- Murewa North Tense  In Ward 30, Chief Zihute held a meeting on the 7th of March 2016, with all headmen at Murewa Centre. At the meeting, he instructed all Headmen to assume positions of ZANU-PF village chairpersons.  This meant that they are expected to address ZANU-PF issues at all gatherings.


Again in Murehwa North ward 1, Constable Mushonga from Murehwa Charge Office as well as Constable Hungwe from Madamombe police station moved around villages in Murehwa the whole of last week taking down names of all MDC-T party  members. Constable Hungwe is stating that there is a “new law” that requires the database to be collected. This has left MDC party members in a state of fear as they do not know what exactly the names are being needed for.

Mashonaland East- Uzumba Moderate In villages across ward 8, Uzumba, all those who are known to support MDC are not being allowed to sit in School Development Committees or associations (SDAs) by school headmasters.  Some of their children have also been struck off the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) register.
Manicaland-Nyanga Moderate  Nyanga North MP Hon. Hubert Nyanhongo (ZANU PF) held a meeting on the 4thof March at Ruwangwe growth point, where he told villagers that food aid in the form of maize grain from the Social welfare Department will be given to ZANU PF members only. He further warned the people gathered that those who would be tempted to join Joyce Mujuru’s party will be forced out of the area. Efforts to get a comment form Hon Nyanhongo were fruitless.

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