Brainless ex-VP can’t be President: Chombo

ZANU PF’s Secretary for Administration, Ignatius Chombo, has dismissed Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party, saying the former VP was a “sell-out” with “no intellectual capacity” to lead the country.

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Mujuru attack … Ignatius Chombo

In an interview with, Chombo said Zanu PF was going to win the 2018 elections despite the emergence of ZPF, saying Mujuru’s outfit was nothing but a mere grouping of spent forces.

“Those who think our party has gone to the dogs should stop dreaming because we are not afraid of any opposition party in Zimbabwe,” said Chombo.

“If you launch a party in a hotel room, what does it imply? It simply means you have no numbers,” said the home affairs minister dismissing the initial pomp that greeted the launch of the new party by his erstwhile comrades.

ZPF was recently launched at one of the country’s top hotels in the capital under the glare of local and international media.

On the proposed partnership between various opposition parties and groupings, Chombo was equally scornful.

“No one fears that collaboration,” declared Chombo.

“Mai Mujuru, Morgan Tsvangirai and Dydimus Mutasa. All those who have been expelled from the party should never dream of challenging Zanu PF because we are a strong party, and these people know it.

“Mai Mujuru ended where she started as she has now turned to be a sell-out who tried to destroy the party. All her members are political rejects who are irrelevant to the political events happening in Zimbabwe at the moment as she is bereft of ideas.

Chombo added: “The time is too early for her to challenge us as she has no intellectual capacity to be Presidential material.”

He said Mujuru’s party was like a little coat of many colours –a mere patchwork of little rags, people of no consequence.

“In fact, even when she was in government, her failure to articulate government policy clearly exposed her as one with no capacity to govern.”

Among Mujuru’s ZPF colleagues are former intelligence minister Mutasa and former Zanu PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, both of whom were expelled from the ruling party in December 2014 alongside the former VP on allegations of plotting Mugabe’s ouster.


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