Midlands: 88,000 homes need food aid

SOME 88,000 households are in need of food aid in the Midlands after crops were affected by the dry spell which hit the country in the just ended farming season, provincial affairs minister Jason Machaya has said.

Thousands in need of food aid ... Jason Machaya

Thousands in need of food aid … Jason Machaya

The province has received some maize from government, but the grain was not enough to feed those in need, said Machaya, adding that existing food reserves would not last more than four months.

“We have 88,000 households in need of food aid in the province,” Machaya said.

Latest data shows that Midlands province has 1,6 million people in need of food assistance, almost half of the province’s population.

“Government gave us 4,500 metric tonnes but still this is not enough. We cannot go further than four months with the food we have,” said Machaya.

After the dry spell which rendered most crops a write off, the province expected to realise between 25 to 30 percent yields.

Machaya also revealed that councillors in some districts were stealing grain meant for food aid, adding that investigations would be carried out to bring the culprits to book.

Latest figures show that 4 million, up from 3 million people, in the country need food aid. Last month government appealed for $1,6 billion aid to help pay for grain and food.

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