Mugabe’s foreign travel remain useless, costly

The frequent foreign travels that Robert Mugabe undertakes have demonstrated that they are useless and costly to the country as they are not benefitting the country, contrary to state media claims that his current trip to Japan would bring in investment opportunities to Zimbabwe.

Air-Zimbabwe-MugabeMugabe’s travel to Japan, where a pledge of $5million grant in aid has been made to Zimbabwe, will not be of benefit anyone as his visit to that country saw the Zimbabwe government forking out similar amount in cash.

Despite the state media claiming that Mugabe would have a busy and packed schedule in Japan, like other previous foreign trips, nothing shows the ordinary person is set to benefit.

If that $5 million grant is finally made available by Japan to Zimbabwe it will definitely be misused by Mugabe to go on another worthless overseas trip.

Over the past few months, more than $100 million in cash from the state coffers has been used to fund Mugabe’s penchant for foreign travel.

It is very clear that funds for Mugabe’s foreign trips would go a long way in mitigating the current drought that is ravaging the countryside, but Mugabe seems to be living far away from what is taking place in Zimbabwe where a single meal is now a luxury for the majority of the people.

Mugabe’s Japanese trip has also exposed him as a person who is no longer physically fit to rule after he made another detour to Singapore in order to receive medical treatment.

His visit to Singapore is the second in two weeks alone after another one during his aborted trip to India.  His frequent medical checkups are a clear indication that he is not able bodied and therefore not fit to govern and should immediately resign and save the people from the economic collapse.

His subsequent visit to Japan has signaled that he is an angry man as his all-weather friends, China, have indicated that they prefer Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to be the president of Zimbabwe than Mugabe.

Mugabe is angry that during a recent visit to China, Mnangagwa impressed on the China that Zimbabwe was ready to embrace investment opportunities and leadership renewal.

As a result, his current visit to Japan is an indication that he is unhappy and wants Zimbabwe to abandon economic relations with China because they have shown interest in Mnangagwa as a better leader than him.

As PDP, we condemn Mugabe’s attempts to play and drag Zimbabwe into the dangerous foreign policy strained relations between China and Japan.

The PDP believes in building good relationships with our African neighbours and the international community and not interfering with their geo-politics.

Mugabe’s trip to Japan again shows that it is time for new leaders in Zimbabwe.

Another Zimbabwe is Possible!!!

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