PDP 10 Keys to Prosperity

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has identified “ten keys to prosperity” which will allow us transform Zimbabwe from a predatory exclusive state into a prosperous inclusive developmental state.

pdpAs PDP our core principle is that Zimbabwe belongs to all who live in it and all who were born in it regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. We therefore reject ZANU (PF) racism, tribalism or ethnicity which has divided our nation.

PDP will transform Zimbabwe into a modern democratic state with a vibrant and inclusive economy underpinned by freedom, justice, equity, peace and prosperity for all regardless of race, gender, political affiliation, and ethnicity.

These remain the objectives of the liberation struggle which we the living must still attain.

.These 10 keys are:

  1. Leadership renewal and accountability
  2. Rule of law and protection of private property
  3. Institutional renewal and delivery
  4. Economic freedom and inclusivity
  5. Agriculture and industrial revival
  6. Human capital preservation and development
  7. Effective and efficient resource management
  8. Infrastructure rehabilitation and development
  9. Promoting foreign direct investment
  10. National healing,citizen empowerment, food security and poverty alleviation

Leadership renewal and accountability

We hold ourselves accountable to each other as citizens with a common purpose and the responsibility to create a better Zimbabwe.

We believe in principle centred leadership that is accountable and sensitive to the ever changing needs of society. We also believe in periodic leadership renewal to avoid the entrenchment of any individuals in leadership positions.

We therefore require utmost integrity, honesty and delivery from our leaders both in the public and private sectors and all those who shape our society.

Rule of law and protection of private property

We will fully adhere to, and respect the constitution of Zimbabwe as the supreme law of the country. To us nobody is above the law. We must therefore deal brutally with corruption and respect our international obligations.

We will protect the rights of every Zimbabwean as required by the constitution. We will also protect the freedom of every citizen to pursue their ambition under the protection of the law which must be applied equally and fairly to all.

All citizens must be treated with dignity and their human rights must be recognised by the law and an independent judiciary.

We will also respect the economic principle of security of the private ownership of assets including the protection of intellectual capital.

Institutional renewal and delivery                     

Zimbabwe must move away from personality or cult politics to a nation that has inclusive political and economic institutions which meet the needs of our people. All our institutions must be accountable, transparent and deliver according to expectations.

As such, we will transform and renew all public institutions including local government so that they reflect a new culture of service delivery to the people of Zimbabwe without any discrimination.

We will also transform state enterprises into viable economic entities which shun patronage and corruption and are there solely to maximise benefits to the people.

Economic freedom and inclusivity

Economic freedom involves the rule of law, an optimum government size, regulatory efficiency and access to open markets.

We will promote the economic freedom for all citizens and empower people with more opportunity to choose for themselves how to pursue and fulfil their dreams, subject only to the basic rule of law and honest competition from others. We will support a vibrant and ethical private sector.

We will advance freedom so that dynamic and inclusive growth can occur meaningfully for ordinary peo­ple in a free society underpinned by the right of all, to freely pursue their ambition without interference from a government.

Industrial revival

Creating more jobs and increasing disposable incomes of as many hard working citizens in one of our major priorities.

We will implement government policies that are consistent and constructive in cooperation between government, the private sector and foreign investors in order to re-industrialise and re-invent Zimbabwe.

We will revive agriculture by removing the conflict on land ownership through compensation for loss and putting back value in our land assets, creating access to capital and ensuring maximum productivity.

We will protect and restore the industrial sector’s contribution to GDP of Zimbabwe. This we will do by re-tooling our industry, promoting exports, creating a stable financial services sector, attracting foreign investment and promoting value add through the utilisation of available local raw materials in the production of goods.

Human capital preservation and development

We acknowledge that the competitive advantage of Zimbabwe can be found in its human capital particularly our women and youth, including those in the Diaspora who have acquired essential skills to develop the country.

As such, we will ensure that human capital development and preservation are at the centre of our economic policies.

High education standards, skills development, access to affordable health services, decent housing, access clean water, access to energy, safety and security and a clean environment will all play a large part in producing and preserving a productive human capital base.

Effective and efficient resource management

Zimbabwe is endowed with unimaginable natural resources which must be exploited and efficiently managed to their full potential and benefits therefrom made accessible to the majority.

Our approach will always be underpinned by equity, fairness, broad access, the use of technology and the sharing of benefits from our resource base by all Zimbabweans regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

More important will be an accountable and transparent government that is led by principled leaders and manages government revenues and expenditures fairly and efficiently to the benefit of all citizens. Revenue resources belong to Zimbabweans and not a ZANU (PF) predatory elite.

Infrastructure rehabilitation and development

We have to rehabilitate our infrastructure with regard to energy, transport and water resources and improve the quality of life of all.

We will pursue win-win public-private-partnerships and innovative funding models that do not put a strain on our resources but maximise benefits to the country.

We will ensure that the rehabilitation and development of infrastructure creates opportunity for all Zimbabweans while preserving our environment in all we do.

Promoting foreign direct investment

Until Zimbabwe is in a position to save and invest its own resources, the country will have to rely on other people’s savings. This requires that we do all we can to attract foreign investment so that we can create jobs and economic growth.

We will therefore create an investment environment where;

  • There is protection of private property and rule of law
  • There is ease of doing business
  • There are consistent government policies
  • There is a successful and vibrant local business sector
  • A well regulated financial services sector
  • Non-restrictive labour laws
  • Profits repatriation
  • Fair dividend remittance regulations
  • Efficient and fair tax laws
  • A local skills base
  • Low cost of doing business including access to capital and credit
  • A decent and functional infrastructure
  • Good telecommunications and advanced ICT sector
  • Efficient and fair preferential immigration laws
  • Safety and security and low crime levels

National healing, citizen empowerment, food security and poverty alleviation

The wounds of the past cannot be ignored for although they may not be visible they remain hidden deep in the minds of many and continue to divide us. If not treated and addressed with genuine concern and regret, we shall face a great danger in the future. We will therefore promote genuine national healing process of citizens who have experienced loss. This process will put the victims at the centre.

Citizen empowerment includes access to opportunity to create wealth, access to essential services, information and resources, freedom of expression and association and the right of every citizen to pursue their ambition without hindrance or interference from government or any individual. This applies to all our citizens regardless of which province they reside.

It also means that locals must be afforded the opportunity to own assets but not the expense of foreign investment, job creation and sound business practice. We will therefore promote equitable access to resources, free enterprise and competition underpinned by citizen responsibility. We will repeal the ZANU (PF) partisan indigenisation laws.

With regard to food security, Zimbabwe has all the resources and skills it requires to alleviate poverty and ensure food security for all. Our belief is that hunger in our country is not inevitable and malnutrition is not a consequence of food scarcity, but a result of the way our economy is organized and of the political choices we have made to address—or ignore—the causes of hunger and poverty

We will therefore focus on policies that alleviate poverty, create safety nets for the vulnerable especially children, youth especially the girl child, women and the elderly.

We will also ensure household food security as a priority and create jobs to improve disposable incomes. We will also focus on climate change as the biggest threat to food security and our water resources.

A new Zimbabwe is possible!!

Vince Musewe

PDP Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs

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