Dont be used by Bob, Mujuru tells youths

ZIMBABWE People First (ZimPF) leader Joice Mujuru has urged youths to ignore the planned million men march in support of President Robert Mugabe.

Dont! ... Zimbabwe People First leader, Joice Mujuru

Dont! … Zimbabwe People First leader, Joice Mujuru

Led by Zanu PF youth league deputy secretary Kudzai Chipanga, party youths are planning to storm Harare in the coming weeks for a march in solidarity with Mugabe, who is under siege from some party hawks riled by his failure to deal with the Generation 40 influence.

But Mujuru said weekend the youths should stop eulogising a leader who has caused the suffering of most Zimbabweans.

“What boggles the mind is instead of marching in protest against the government whose policies have impoverished our country, the youths are instead mobilising for a million men march in support of a leadership that has failed the nation,” said the country’s former Vice President in her Independence Day message during the weekend.

“We urge all Zimbabweans to shun this ill-conceived initiative. You know better the hardships and sufferings you endure on a daily basis.

“Don’t be fooled by people who want to use you to line their pockets and ingratiate themselves with the current failed leadership.”

Mujuru, together with a number of Zanu PF bigwigs, was ousted from her lofty government and Zanu PF post in December 2014 after her ambitions to become President unsettled the First Family.

She has since tried to resuscitate her political career with the launch of her new party which is felt could draw support from disgruntled Zanu PF members.

In her statement, Mujuru also tried to reach out to the country’s war veterans, insisting they had sacrificed too much to allow themselves to be abused by President Mugabe.

“…To all war veterans, you don’t deserve to be treated in the manner you are mistreated,” she said.

“Please accept that our revolution has gone astray and you should not allow yourselves to be used and be abused.

“We know the courage and spirit of sacrifice that guided you during our revolutionary struggle.

“This is not the time to give up what you sacrificed your lives to achieve. The struggle was not about having one leader in power until death.

“We are totally opposed to the concept of ‘one centre of power’. It is dictatorial and makes all other Zimbabweans passive participants in the affairs of their country.”


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