MDC-T call for economic restoration

The economy is screeching to a halt. Mugabe has driven this once vibrant economy to the ground. The current crisis that is hitting the banks is a symptom of a deeper national crisis.

Dr Tapiwa Mashakada.

Dr Tapiwa Mashakada.

The broke government is borrowing money and mopping all excess liquidity to try and pay bonuses, placate the restive war veterans and  service the $1.8 ARREARS to the IMF, WORLD BANK AND AfDB. The due date for clearing the arrears is 30th April 2016.  Tobacco farmers have been caught in crossfire. Chinamasa wears blinkers. He foolishly believes that he can get more funding from the multi-lateral institutions.

We all know that creditors will never again risk their money by bailing a corrupt government whose leadership has  acted in cohorts with Diamond mining firms to externalize $15 billion dollars  through illicit financial outflows and money laundering. We in MDC-T believe the money looted from Marange is in excess of $5 billion per month since the diamond find. It is sad that people cannot withdraw their hard earned money from banks. Even the $100 dollar limit is no longer guaranteed. Nothing more depicts an implosion of the Zanu PF regime. As we have always said, Zanu PF has no clue on how to run the economy. All they know is how to destroy and steal. Look at the corrupt deals at Net One, PSMAS and the State Procurement Board.

All that is a signature of Zanu PF’s predatory acts because no one is arrested for corruption. As if all this is not enough, the regime continues with its suicidal indigenization policy which is scaring away FDI. As a result companies cannot recaptilize. Ever since Zanu PF stole the elections in 2013, the economy has refused to be rigged.

In 2018 why would anybody vote Zanu PF? Its not possible at all. People have one clear choice and that is to vote for Morgan Tsvangirai whose party can fix the economy through measures to boost investor confidence. An MDC government will revive industries and generate job growth through the free flow of FDI.

We will delete the indigenization policy which is nothing but a Zanunization of the economy and replace it with an investor friendly arrangement whereby  investors are required by law but are free to choose a local partner of their choice and agree on a shareholding structure without duress or anybody wielding an axe. In due course, the party will be unveiling its clear and consistent policies as we have demonstrated on Indigenization.

It is regrettable that Zanu PF is busy fighing itself while no one attends to the economy. In fact Mugabe must dissolve his dysfunctional cabinet and call for early elections to save money and  any residual semblence of an economy.

Alarmed by this unprecedented policy paralysis the MDC-T will on 14 April lead a public demonstration to call for economic restoration. This is in terms of our constitutional right to protest peacefully.


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