Mugabe bringing Zimbabwe into disrepute

The shocking videos coming from Japan clearly showing Robert Mugabe unable to walk to a podium and sleeping at a press conference are disturbing and unwelcome.

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

It is so clear that Mugabe is not in a state to govern and let alone participate in the duties of a president.

Whilst we hold no brief for Mugabe, we hold him totally responsible of ruining the country.

However, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a social democracy party that believes that Mugabe is entitled the right to dignity as protected in the Zimbabwe Constitution.

Evidence from the recent past months shows that Mugabe is no longer fit to govern.

We make reference to his fall on arrival to the AU summit last year at the Harare International Airport in February last year and his complete failure to comprehend what is happening around him as shown by reading wrong speeches.

We make reference to the incoherence and confusion as shown during Mugabe’s recent visits to Japan and India.

We make reference of Mugabe’s infinite visits to Singapore for medical treatment and in the past three weeks, he has visited that country twice and all occasions he has had to create false trips to Japan and India in an effort to hide the real destination of visiting Singapore.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe provides for the right of the elderly people.

Section 82 of the Zimbabwe Constitution states the people over the age of 70 have a right to receive reasonable care from their families and the state.

It is clear to us that Grace Mugabe and the rest of the Mugabe family are abusing Mugabe and failing to take care of him as required by the Constitution.

The state itself, is also failing to afford Mugabe his right under Section 82 of the Constitution.

More fully, the country is being brought into disrepute by Mugabe’s antics at home and abroad.

The man and his age have become the favourite butt-end of jokes and snide remarks in embassies and every gathering of diplomats.

Even little children now recognise Mugabe as a fossil, which is slowly decomposing to the chagrin and embarrassment of the state.

We thus call on Mugabe to do the right thing and resign.

More importantly, we call on the Parliament to serve us from this national embarrassment by proceeding to remove Mugabe from office in terms of Section 97 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

This provision of the Constitution of Zimbabwe allows Parliament to remove from office the President if he is unable to perform his duties because of mental or physical capacity.

Quite clearly, Mugabe is no longer fit for office.

The danger that Zimbabwe faces from this situation is that because the President is incapacitated, some unelected lunatic has now filled the void and is clearly running the country.

Regrettably, that person can only be the First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

We must end this charade and obscene status quo.  Robert Mugabe must resign and resign immediately.

Settlement Chikwinya

PDP Secretary for Elections

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