New opportunity for nurses in the Uk

If you have family or friends who are nurses and seeking a new opportunity in the united kingdom, inform them that the home office has just relaxed the law on recruiting qualified nurses to the united kingdom.

nurse-in-zimbabweTell those who can access the internet to visit the home office page for more information
A responsive recruitment company is assisting with this process. TK WORLDWIDE LTD based in the UK is a leading recruitment firm based in the heart of London. They have gained ground in the recruitment of social workers, Nurses and carers. The Director claims that all the success is due to the high pay rates and understanding of what is required to ensure success for candidates as he and his stake holders have worked in the industry for a total of 32 years combined, therefore dynamics and challenges are addressed with practical solutions.
Although the need to recruit a lot nurses is essential and good economics for the business and its clients, they stress that the right candidates are required to ensure success continues and they are willing to support candidates through all the steps required to mobilise from Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom. At present they have successfully supported candidates in Dubai and in the UK with the average process taking 8 weeks from engagement to placement, provided that the candidates are active with the gathering of paper work and responsive to communication.
The first step is to send your up to date CV with a cover letter to [email protected]. Zimbabweans are known to be one of the most educated Africans with excellent writing skills and this will have to be demonstrated in the cover letter. The CV will need to presented well with references and contact details at the bottom. TK WORLDWIDE LTD looks forward to hearing from you and spread the word.
Happy Independence New Zimbabwe.

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