Zanu PF MPs blast ‘looter’ Mahofa

TWO Zanu PF Masvingo legislators have hit out at provincial affairs minister, Shuvai Mahofa, describing her as a “greedy leader” looting food aid meant for starving villagers in the province.

Mahofa attack ... Gutu South legislator, Paul Chimedza

Mahofa attack … Gutu South legislator, Paul Chimedza

Gutu South legislator, Paul Chimedza, and his counterpart in Gutu East, Tongai Muzenda, last week told the media that Mahofa was negatively interfering in the day-to-day running of constituencies in the province.

The scathing attack on Mahofa comes after the two MPs were allegedly barred from collecting their constituencies’ share of some 1,169 tonnes of maize handed over to government by sugar milling giant, Tongaat Hullet.

Tongaat grew the irrigated winter maize a few months ago as part of its corporate social responsibility programme in a bid to help alleviate the impact of drought in Masvingo.

The maize is supposed to be distributed to all 26 constituencies in Masvingo province, meaning each would receive 44.9 tonnes to be distributed to hungry villagers.

“I sent two Lorries to collect Gutu South’s 44.9 tonnes maize allocation but the drivers were ordered back empty handed.

“Those dispatching the maize were told that they would be fired by the minister of state if they handed over my constituency’s allocation

“She is punishing the people of Gutu,” Chimedza told the media.

Muzenda weighed in and accused Mahofa of trying to loot the maize at the expensive of starving villagers.

“I know she is trying to loot this maize; Why should she try to confiscate a donation and decide who gets and who does not?

“These people are criminals and rascals,” fumed Muzenda.

Repeated efforts to get a comment from Mahofa were fruitless as she was constantly said to be out of office.


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