Zanu PF youths held for Mujuru attack

CHITUNGWIZA: Three Zanu PF youths have been arrested in Chitungwiza and are expected to appear in court soon charged with public violence after they assaulted scores of people attending a Zimbabwe People First rally last Sunday.

 Joice Mujuru

Joice Mujuru

According to the police, Gift Chimkanga, 29, Phineas Kamushinda, 31 and Alec Dumbura, 33 all of St Mary’s in Chitungwiza, disrupted the police-sanctioned rally in the town.

“On 3 April, Zimbabwe People First held a political rally at an open space adjacent to Mutema Close in St Mary’s.  The meeting was being addressed by Benson Pitisi who is the chairperson for St. Mary’s constituency,” the police charge sheet reads.

Police say about 30 Zimbabwe People First supporters were at the rally.

“At the same time 20 Zanu PF youths, some putting on Zanu PF regalia approached the venue of the meeting singing revolutionary songs and shouting that no meeting was to take place at the venue.

“They then attacked Zimbabwe People First supporters who ran away leaving behind Pitisi,” the ZRP charge sheet reads.

The Zanu PF youths are accused of using golf clubs and stones to break plastic chairs valued at $300 at the venue while Zimbabwe People First coordinator, Nyasha Nhau, 29, is reported to have had his cellphone valued at $150 stolen.

After the disturbances, Pitisi went to St Mary’s police station where he filed a report leading to the arrest of Chimkanga, Kamushinda and Dumbura with a manhunt being launched for the other perpetrators.

Last month Zanu PF youths stormed a Zimbabwe People First rally in Harare’s high density suburb of Glen View suburb where they pelted hundreds of Joice Mujuru’s supporters with stones.

A number of Zimbabwe People First supporters were injured while several vehicles were damaged and the rally later only proceeded under heavy police guard, close to 30 minutes after the skirmishes.


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