Zhuwao: I didn’t fail, I am not resigning

YOUTH and indigenisation minister, Patrick Zhuwao, has vowed he will not surrender his job at the behest of the country’s opposition which wants to see his back for allegedly admitting failure to administer the country empowerment law.

Bickering harmed the economy ... VP Emmerson Mnangagwa

Bickering harmed the economy … VP Emmerson Mnangagwa

The Herald on Saturday reported that the under fire minister admitted to “bungling” while administering of the country’s indigenisation law.

Zhuwao’s overzealous push to see foreign firms surrender at least 51 percent of their local equity as was being dictated by the controversial law has often invited strong rebuke from critics of the current Zanu PF government for scaring away potential investment.

The stance has often put him on a collision course with fellow cabinet and finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa, who has fought to protect the banking sector.

Following his latest comments, the opposition has been quick to feast on Zhuwao’s ignominious climb down, insisting he must humbly give up his job.

“If Zimbabwe was a normal and functional democracy, Zhuwao should have proceeded to do the honourable thing and tender his resignation as a Cabinet minister. He is unfit to hold public office,” MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu told the media.

“The cost of Zhuwao’s bungling is indescribable in terms of lost business opportunities for Zimbabwe from both domestic and foreign direct investment. He should be completely ashamed of himself.”

PDP spokesperson, Jacob Mafume, also described Zhuwao as an “unmitigated disgrace”.

Zhuwao was also target of sensational corruption allegations by controversial Zanu PF youth activist, Ace Lumumba, who claimed the former party legislator was demanding shares from a government youth fund.

However, Zhuwao on Sunday said he was serving at the pleasure of President Robert Mugabe and would not readily surrender his post to please the opposition.

“I disagree,” Zhuwao said when asked by Newzimbabwe.com if he will consider resigning.

“I did not admit that I failed; I said whenever one gets an instruction, it is quite possible that one can fail to fully grasp things.

“It is proper that when your appointing authority clarifies things you simply do things according to how they have been clarified.”

Zhuwao continued: “I was appointed by his Excellency the president and not the MDC, I have one appointing authority whom I respond to and this is why there is a president who appoints ministers and the role of the president is to constantly monitor and make sure that things are going according to his instructions, that is the essential element of management.


“Management is about making sure that you control and monitor.”

Zhuwao distanced President Mugabe away from the current communication drawbacks in government, which have seen the veteran leader use public platforms to undo “wrong” policy pronouncements by ministers.

Last year during the Independence Day celebrations, President Mugabe embarrassed his finance minister by reversing a decision by the exchequer chief to suspend the payment of public service annual bonuses for two years.

Mugabe was at it again, this time embarrassing his own nephew through pronouncements which sought to water down provisions of the tough empowerment law.

Zhuwao denied there was everything wrong with the line of communication between the president and his ministers.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with a leader taking corrective measures,” he said.

“That is what management is about. This is very, very simple.

“This is why you yourself have an editor so that your editor makes sure that your stories are according to the editorial policy of your publication. It is a simple concept of management, very clear and very straight forward.

“It is just that entities that don’t know how to manage and don’t have sufficient knowledge and experiences in management don’t understand this essential component of management. This is why MDC is now fragmented into the jigsaw puzzle that you now find of the party.”

Vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, last week told accountants in Harare that the bickering between Zhuwao and Chinamasa has harmed the economy as it had caused uncertainty and confusion.


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