About “After Flashbacks and Setbacks”

“After Flashbacks & Setbacks” is a powerful fusion of drama, dance, poetry and music brought to you by Heal Zimbabwe Trust in collaboration with Edzai Isu Theatre Arts Project focusing on the National Healing and Reconciliation process.

drama-2015-04-30The play is part of a HZT National Healing and Reconciliation Campaign aimed at raising awareness on the proposed National Healing and Reconciliation framework highlighting the need for a genuine healing and reconciliation process in Zimbabwe.

The proactive play looks beyond the flashbacks and setbacks, emotions and frustrations, individual interests and political resistance, questions and suggestions thus establishing a live platform where people overcome flashbacks and setbacks to determine what healing and reconciliation means to them considering their particular circumstances.


 After all the flashbacks and setbacks to your individual aspiration for healing, our beloved national ambition still requires sustainable peace and reconciliation to come from us.

After all the emotions of the past, the frustrations of the present and hallucinations of the future; the ambitions for a peaceful and fruitful country still remains our responsibility as a nation.

After all the individual interests and political resistance by institutions,  the nation without exception still wants sustainable peace in order to enjoy and celebrate life; and undertake meaningful and rewarding human development activities for the benefit of their families, communities and nation as a whole.

After all the questions on whether the NPRC is an opportunity or false hope for us, we still need to find ways of healing ourselves and be at peace with each other for the betterment of our humanity as a nation.


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