Speaker: MPs sleep during Parly sessions

PARLIAMENT Speaker, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, was on Thursday taken to task by Bulawayo residents on the slow pace by government in aligning the country`s laws with the constitution.

ParliamentThree years after the adoption of the new supreme law, government has not completed the realignment of the country`s laws to match with the charter.

In January, a law officer in the justice ministry told war veterans at a workshop in Kariba that out of about 400 acts, the ministry had successfully aligned about 154 with the constitution.

Bulawayo residents told Mudenda at a consultative meeting that the slow pace in realigning the country`s laws made some of the provisions in the constitution ineffective.

Participants at the meeting also told the Speaker that they felt let down by their representatives in parliament.

“What are parliamentarians during about the plight of people from Bulawayo,” said one participant.

“If you look at our industries, they have become empty shells, those that are functional have been taken over by Pentecostal churches. What are you doing towards the resuscitation of industries in Bulawayo?”

He added: “I note with great concern on the conduct of some of our parliamentarians.

“We seem to be having too much of a sleeping house. What punitive measures are you putting in place to curb the turning of the noble house into a sleeping session.”

In response, Mudenda said there was a need for measures to be taken against MPs performing poorly in Parliament.

“Most of our parliamentarians sleep during parliamentary sessions and fail to make any meaningful contributions.

“They need to be reminded of section 117 and 119 that they are in parliament to represent the interests of the people and not for their own selfish interests,” said Mudenda.

Parliamentarians from the Matabeleland region have, for years, been blamed for failing to push for the development of the region, with most of its infrastructure in a dilapidated state.


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