Zanu PF MPs defend Bona’Singapore choice

THERE was near commotion in Parliament Thursday after Zanu MPs took exception to an MDC-T legislator’s criticism of President Mugabe and his family’s preference for Singapore hospitals ahead of the local institutions.

Irked ... Chegutu East MP, Webster Shamu

Irked … Chegutu East MP, Webster Shamu

Zengeza East MP, Alexio Musundire, stirred a hornet’s nest when he criticised the Mugabes for shunning local hospitals and preferring to seek medical attention in the Asian country.

Musundurie said Mugabe should lead by example and, as such, should have sent his daughter, Bona, to give birth at a local hospital.

Irked Zanu PF MPs led by Chegutu East MP, Webster Shamu, rose to their feet to raise points of orders to stop Musundire from debating President Mugabe’s daughter.

“First, we cannot discuss someone who is not present in Parliament. Second, a person is allowed to seek medical treatment at an institution of their choice,” said Shamu.

Added Zanu PF legislator (Proportional Representation) Sabina Thembani: “When someone is married, like the President’s daughter is, she can decide with her husband where they prefer to get medical treatment.”

Mugabe announced last week that Bona had given birth to a baby boy in Singapore where she travelled a few weeks ago.

When Mugabe first announced that his daughter was in Singapore to deliver a baby, Zimbabweans said it was wrong for her to do so when the rest of the citizens were wallowing in poverty.

Many said Bona’s chose of Singapore was proof that the first family had no confidence in local institutions. Bona has taken after her 92-year old father who travels to the Asian country for routine check-ups.


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