Mugabe a spent force who needs to be removed

Whenever we see the queues for money, which have characterised the Zimbabwean lifestyle, we always wonder if we are going back to the dark days of 2007.

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe

Having thought that, the question that naturally cones to mind is, ‘how did we get here, and what needs to happen?’

The opposition has been strong in Zimbabwe, but it has had three elections stolen from it.

If they are alright with that, that is their own problem, but we – the Zimbabweans who voted – are certainly not alright with that.

We demand change.

And if that change can not come through a ballot box, then we need a revolution.

Obviously, even if we vote out this devilish ZANU PF government nothing will change.

They will never accept it, and will resort to brute force to stay in power.

We can not allow that.

People of Zimbabwe should be prepared to fight for their rights. This fight is not a one day event .

We need to take up arms, if need be.

We need to go into the bush and fight – for we can never let a brutal dictatorship ruin our lives .

It is now or never.

We need to fight for our country.

For how long should we wait whilst this regime kills us?

Shall we wait for ever?


They are killing us, so why not fight back?

It is time for us to stand up and be counted. We are also a part of Zimbabwe.

If the international community just lies by whilst the people of Zimbabwe die, then they have no business in world affairs.

We need an international response that will stop this wayward regime.

A community that is prepared to arm us, if need be there

If we can not liberate ourselves from this demonic regime, then who will?

° Hillary Chitiyo is a UK-based human rights activist.

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