ZESA rot points to Mugabe graft, parties

DEVELOPMENTS at ZESA where energy minister Samuel Undenge ordered the power utility to unprecedurally pay $5 million dollars to Wicknell Chivhayo are symptomatic of Mugabe’s rule which nurses both patronage and graft, opposition political parties have said.

PDP secretary for finance, Vince Museve

PDP secretary for finance, Vince Museve

Both the Welshman Ncube-led MDC and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) said Undenge and the ZESA board had exhibited corrupt tendencies when they released the money to a company owned by Chivhayo for the construction of a solar power station.

Undenge and the entire ZESA board should be fired with immediate effect to save the power utility’s image and coffers, the parties said.

Despite previous attempts to deny the reports it is now known that Undenge ordered the ZESA bosses to pay the money to Chivhayo.

“It is not new for Zanu PF ministers to interfere in the running of state enterprises which fall under their mandate, in fact that is all they ever do as they scheme on how to make money from any tenders, projects or contracts that are currently in play,” said Vince Museve, PDP’s secretary for finance and economic affairs.

In a statement, the MDC spokesman, Kurauone Chihwayi, said Undenge’s explanation for his actions was “frivolous, mind boggling and factually hollow”.

“It is now clear and beyond any reasonable doubt that Zanu PF criminals are behind the looting at ZESA, local authorities and other state enterprises,” said Chihwayi.

“We are shocked by the level of incompetency, unprofessionalism and intellectual bankruptcy exhibited by Undenge and the ZESA board. It is high time for Mugabe to wake up and attend to the mess and corruption in companies under his armpit,” said Chihwayi.

He added, “The abuse and theft of borrowed money meant for capital projects by sharks claiming to be protected by President Robert Mugabe is now at the most disturbing and damaging level.

“Mugabe should either force Undenge to step down or fire him and read the riot act to all the criminals who are at the centre of crippling state enterprises.”

“Since the release of the money, the starved and oppressed nation has endured restless insults and bragging by this Wicknell who claims to be a son of the first lady and brother of Robert Mugabe junior.”

Museve said there was “looting machinery whose sole business is to plunder our resources with no remorse at all”.


He added, “This looting machine is primarily operative through state enterprise projects where dubious loans are procured clandestinely and project costs inflated so that those in the looting chain can get paid off.

“To qualify to be in this chain, you must blindly support the party and Mugabe and never challenge his competency or decisions. That is why all state enterprises CEO’s must be approved by him in the first place and they must also of course continually pay homage to him and wish him long life as their President. Some have even openly confessed how they owe their “rise” to Mugabe.

“The Zimbabwean taxpayer, for generations to come, is already burdened by ZANU (PF) corruption and will continue paying dearly for state enterprise “loans” for the next twenty to thirty years. That will be the legacy of Mugabe and his predatory cabal whose insatiable greed and profligacy must be funded by poor Zimbabweans.

“Although this is our position, we know that nothing will be done by Mugabe because he would have to fire his whole cabinet and also resign himself because he must also ultimately take responsibility for the sins of those he has appointed.”


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