Harare province condemns persecution of Harare mayor, Clr Manyenyeni

We as PDP Harare Province have received with shock, the news of the arrest of the mayor of Harare Clr. Bernard Manyenyeni soon after the High Court dismissed his dismal as mayor by the Minister of Local Government and Housing Mr. Saviour Kasukuwere.

Local Govt Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere

Local Govt Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere

As PDP, we would like to put it on record that we do not condone corruption in any form and by whosoever.

If indeed Manyenyeni is guilty of any misdemeanor indeed the law must take its course.

However, we become very suspicious at the timing of the arrest; one that seems deliberately and maliciously meant to cut short any celebration of his legal victory and also to make sure that he does not assume his duties as mayor consequent to that.

May it be noted that while we have issues with the MDC-T led council due to the deteriorating standards in the City we nevertheless recognize the present Council as the legitimate gubernatorial authority of Harare until such  a time that it’s constitutional mandate expires.

As PDP we have the highest regard for the electorate of Harare and any attempt to tamper with the Council they put in place is the highest disregard for them. We are well aware that whilst the minister concerned may cite genuine sounding reasons for the persecution of the Mayor, the real reasons are political.

We remember a similar persecution of former Mayor Elias Mudziri, which culminated in the wresting of the City from the constitutionally elected MDC-T council into the hands of ZANU-PF, and it’s quisling in the shameful name of Sekesai Makwavarara.

We know that the ill-named Saviour is under pressure from ZANU-PF Harare Province to deliver the Council into ZANU-PF hands in preparation for 2018.

Under a ZANU-PF commission residential and business stands, both formal and informal, will be distributed along partisan lines; jobs, part-time or otherwise, will be created for ZANU-PF faithfuls and Council coffers will be drained dry to finance the financially ailing ruling party.

To suppose that the minister is concerned with the plight of Hararians is a great insult in the light of the debilitating quagmire, him and his heartless party have plunged the once beautiful country into. It is equally absurd to surmise that the monstrous minister is concerned to stamp out corruption as his party and government are the lair and den of corruption.

Just a few days one of the most ridiculous excuses for a minister in the post-deluvian period openly agreed to corruption and admitted that he is not alone in that boat. Today, he is walking free. No follow up was ever made to that admission.

One wonders if Bernard Manyenyeni is the culprit that siphoned away US$15 billion worth of diamonds from the country. One wonders if he is the one who licked our ailing parastatals dry or if he is the one defiantly blowing away millions of dollars in a posh hotel while civil servants have trouble getting their pay.

It is painful when the first prosecution of the euphemistically named Anti-corruption Commission is mired in such controversy and confusion. One wonders if the Commission is not displaying the very corruption it claims to fight, for unlike Clown Prince Joseph Chinotimba who believes that laughing is corruption we believe that partisanship is.

It is also ironic that a government that believes that its (disputed) mandate is sancrosanct and needs not be tampered with till kingdom come does not respect the same sacrosanct in another elected body.

It is paradoxical that the most ill-performing president this side of doomsday is showered with lofty accolades and given the nod to continue his ruinous reign while a simple mayor whose crimes are not wholly his but in a way attributable to the same monster government is persecuted.

The actions by Kasukuwere are a sinister example of how he and his monster government are prepared to go to any lengths even if it means manipulating the legal system to cling to their ruinous rule.

We do hope that in the end justice will prevail and that the courts will uphold their sacred duty by acting in a way that is above reproach.

We also hope that the people of Harare and the nation at large will not continue to sit idly and watch while their rights are trampled underfoot.

If anything the actions by Kasukuwere and the government have proved to all and sundry, the callous nature of this vampire government.

Let’s band together to say no to this outrage!

Another Zimbabwe is possible!

Time for change is now!
Khumalo: Cde. Nqobizitha Khumalo.
PDP Harare Provincial Spokesperson

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