Incompetent ZANU PF, the real Third Force

Today, the 14th of July 2016, the PDP leadership comprised; of myself, the Party’s Treasurer General, Mr Benison Ntini, the Secretary for International Relations, Mr Willas Madzimure, the Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs, Mr Vince Musewe, the Secretary of the Youth Assembly, Mr Tatenda Chigwada and the Secretary for Harare Province Monalisa; visited one of its incarcerated activists, Linda Masarira.

Linda Masarira

Linda Masarira

Linda was arrested in Mufakose on the 6th of July 2016 for allegedly burning flea market stalls in Budidriro. She was then denied bail by the notorious Rotten Row Magistrate’s Court.

The actual fact however, is that, again, Linda is being incarcerated, for exercising her democratic right to demonstrate and practice her freedoms as guaranteed by the constitution of Zimbabwe.

On the 6th of July alone, over 371 people were arrested by the cruel and brutal regime, accused of promoting public disorder. We will hasten to mention the police brutality that was witnessed on the 6th of July 2016, were women were beaten mercilessly for taking part in the National Shutdown.

ZANU PF is at it again.

The PDP has always stated that the DNA of the ZANU PF regime is violence, violence and more violence. If anyone believed that ZANU PF was on a path to reform, ZANU PF itself has vindicated the PDP, by displaying for all to see that it is indeed incapable of reform.

The Beitbridge Uprising came and went and it too was characterised by armed police unleashing violence on innocent hungry citizens.

Surprisingly the ZANU PF regime unwittingly decides to attribute the citizen uprisings and the emergence of the hashtag movements to an unknown “third force”, when it is in fact that third force.

It is ZANU PF that has brought Zimbabwe to its knees.

It is ZANU PF that has caused the massive deindustrialization, the unemployment, the hunger and the impunity in this country.

The “third force” is personified corruption, theft, self-aggrandizement, patronage, violence and greed.
The people of Zimbabwe are finally angry. No other “third force” has pushed the people to act except ZANU PF itself.

Yesterday we celebrated the power of the people which saw the release of the face of the #thisflag campaign, Pastor Evan Mawarire. Today we are in solidarity with the thousands of Zimbabweans marching for change in South Africa. But we call upon the people of Zimbabwe to stand united and remember Linda Masarira and other citizens that are languishing in Zimbabwe’s prisons which are not suited for human habitation.

Linda Masarira has been denied bail. We understand that another 80 citizens in Beitbridge have not yet been granted bail. And another 80 in Harare and Bulawayo are failing to raise the bail amounts demanded by the greedy state. Let us all unite for the cause of these comrades, whose only crime was to air the sentiments of all Zimbabweans.

The PDP in its HOPE document launched in September 2015, called for the coming in of the National Transitional Authority to take over from Mugabe and his coterie of incompetent Ministers. Again we call for this Transitional Authority which will put in place electoral reforms and ensure the ushering in of a new dispensation in Zimbabwe’s history.

Another Zimbabwe is possible.

Evelyn Masaiti
Chairlady of the Women’s Assembly

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