Presbyterian church support Zimbabweans against injustice

The General Assembly of the Uniting Presbyterian in Southern Africa (spread over South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia) met in East London on 9 to 15 July 2016. Among others, the Assembly considered the state of affairs in Zimbabwe and resolved to issue the statement below. It is requested that this statement is published as a show of support and solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe.

pretoria protestPRESS STATEMENT

The General Assembly of the UPCSA notes with grave concern the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe.

We categorically condemn the Zimbabwe government’s heavy-handed approach in dealing with peaceful expression of protest.

The arrests, the beatings and the disappearance of outspoken critics of President Robert Mugabe’s government are completely unacceptable, particularly for a country that ostensibly claims to be democratic.

We are also deeply concerned at the Zimbabwe government’s attempt to stifle the independent press and the social media.

We urge the President of Zimbabwe and his government to ensure that the law enforcement agencies, namely the police and the army, exercise extreme restraint in dealing with the peaceful voices of dissent.

We commend the brave stand taken by some judges, magistrates and lawyers to uphold the rule of law, and the courageous stand taken by citizens of that country to speak out against injustice.

We, the General Assembly of the UPCSA with churches in the three countries of South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, wish to assure the citizens of Zimbabwe of our prayers for safety and protection.

We also pray for the leadership of Zimbabwe to act with wisdom as they seek for peace and stability in their country.

Lungile Mpetsheni


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