Mandiwanzira Shall Be Remembered for the next One billion years as a SOCIAL MEDIA ‘HANGMAN’

The Minister of Information, Communication and Technology and Courier Services Mr. Supa Mandiwanzira commanded Postal Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) to increase the mobile data prices by up to 500%. We all know that Supa Mandiwanziara is a student of Professor Jonathan Moyo and Zimbabweans will not forget him for the next one billion years.

Minister Supa Mandiwanzira

Minister Supa Mandiwanzira

This article seeks to consol and advice the social media activists in light of this abnormal mobile data prices hike. The only reason behind the move is to weaken the social media movement. Econet was charging $3 for 2GB as part of their promotional incentive before the recent hiking of prices and as of now 2GB is going for $50. I am sorry for the Zimbabweans, inga vakuru vakanga vaona pavakati, nhamo haibvi pane imwe.

The price hiking is a sign that the regime is shaken and I want to urge Zimbabweans not to panic. Zimbabweans should look for other strategies of communication and should not focus more on Information Technology strategies because the regime through Supa Mandiwanzira is in control of all IT services in Zimbabwe.

The social media movement should not forget the ZCTU of the time of Sibanda and Tsvangirai, they were photocopying memos to link Zimbabwean masses and distributed them across the country. You should know that, it was the period when social media was too weak but Sibanda and Tsvangirai managed to command strong support from the Zimbabweans.

I do not see any reason for the social media movement to loose hope. They should look for other alternatives even outside IT because what we want is for the message to reach the people.

When our heroes like Chitepo, Nkomo, Mugabe, Sithole, Tekere, Mahiya, Matemadanda and others fought the liberation struggle, there were no mobile phones and computers were only found in few government offices. If you think I am lying ask Mandi Chimene, because media reports are that, she also joined the liberation struggle as a cleaner and she also deserves to be recognized.

What Should The Social Media Activists Do?

Social media activists should look for non-violent, legal and constitutional means to link Zimbabweans. They should;

  • Accept that, ZANU PF is in charge of social media communication services and that ZANU PF is there to weaken social activism.
  • Look for alternatives of communication outside Information Technology and you should get notes from Chitepo, Tongogara, Mugabe, Nkomo, Mahiya, Matemadanda, Joyce Mujuru, Sibanda and Tsvangirai.
  • Make use of opposition political structures and this is time for you to seek assistance from MDC-T and ZPF. MDC-T has strong structures across Zimbabwe and you should make use of them. Joyce Mujuru has penetrated well ZANU PF structures in rural areas and you should also make use of her.
  • Please, make use of social gatherings like funerals, ZANU PF has reduced the life expectancy of Zimbabweans to 37 years and you should not go to funerals and only weep! Please deliver the message of change to others. Churches can be also used to link people and prophets/pastors are always there to speak for the oppressed (like Zimbabweans). Think of all social gatherings and make use of them.
  • The social media should have long term projections and think forward and ahead of their enemy because ZANU PF is always there to destroy their strategies. You should have a department of research and innovation for you to succeed.
  • Do not close your eyes when asleep because ZANU PF just like the devil can come and attack any time.


To those close to Supa Mandiwanzira tell him to ‘fear’ GOD and respect Zimbabweans and if you can’t get him let’s all pray for him on Friday 19 August 2016 for 2 minutes only (from 1:00 to 1:02) and I know God will help him to reflect deeply because what is happening in Zimbabwe is a serious human rights violation. Freedom of communication is guaranteed by our constitution. We need to seek God’s intervention and what Supa Madiwanzira has done is worse off than what happened at Chimoio.

Promise Mkwananzi (the leader of Tajamuka) I salute you and be strong Zimbabweans are with you in this peaceful and constitutional backed struggle.

Silas Memory Madondo is a lecturer and a Mixed Methods Researcher and can be conducted via [email protected]


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