Mugabe should not only arrest them, hang them too!

The purpose of this article is to urge President Robert Mugabe not only to arrest the War Veterans and Dr. Joyce Mujuru, but should hang them to death just like what happened to Saddam and Gaddafi. I am very disappointed by Dr. Joyce Mujuru, she claimed (through her spokesperson) that Mr. R.G Mugabe has been rigging elections and that Zimbabweans should vote for her because she is capable of stopping Mugabe from rigging elections again. She claimed, ZPF is in control of Mutasa and army and therefore all Zimbabweans should rally behind her.

 Joice Mujuru

Joice Mujuru

I am not a lawyer but I want to check whether there is a leeway to sue Dr. Joyce Mujuru to court of law so that she should tell Zimbabweans on how ZANU PF used to rig elections. This issue is serious and I think that Zimbabweans should not take Mujuru for granted and everyone know that ‘smart sanctions’ came as a result of election rigging claims apart from human rights abuses caused by Jonathan Moyo through AIPPA and POSA.

I urge all Zimbabweans to come out and push Mujuru so that she can substantiate her claims before the Zimbabweans. The democratic forces and the opposition parties should consider calling for a demonstration against Mujuru so that she can tell us how ZANU PF used to rig elections. Election rigging and human rights abuses resulted in smart sanctions and we should give much of our efforts to the claim of rigging.


War Vets participated negatively towards the destruction of Zimbabwe’s economy. They benefited from the Z$50,000 (50kg), given to them by Mr. R.G Mugabe which destroyed our economy and today they are saying Mr. R.G Mugabe is evil! Mugabe should not only arrest them but should consider hanging then.

After War Vets were given 50kgs by Mr. R.G Mugabe, they killed quite a number White Commercial Farmers and MDC Supporters while protecting ZANU PF leadership and today they want to say goodbye to Mr. R.G Mugabe! They should be hanged; they spilt the blood of innocent Zimbabweans and should not go unpunished.

These War Vets are not different from Teurai Ropa Joyce Mujuru! Why are they not accepting their evil contribution in ZANU PF during their heydays? They were used by ZANU PF to do all the unnecessary evils and today they just want to run away, munofanira kuziva kuti ZANU Chikwambo and therefore Mugabe should hang them!

Now they are saying Mugabe is bad but their children are going to school for free. Why are you getting such an unnecessary advantage, do you think you are the only important Zimbabweans please go to hell.

Hitler Hunzvi’s bones are still lying at the national shrine and they have not yet disowned him. Why? They should be hanged. They have not also disowned Chinotimba (who shot a lady in Harare) under the watch of media and ZANU PF but today he is still your/our forced MP.


Zimbabweans should not loose sleep because of Matemadanda/Mahiya/Mujuru and the War Vets at large. Let them test their own medicine; they are responsible for the problems we are facing in Zimbabwe today. We should only accept them as our fellow citizen but not as superior Zimbabweans. They should not be only arrested but also hanged.

I saw Nelson Chamisa in courts consoling War Vets, HE may want votes from them but are we going to meet their demands in post Mugabe era. They want salary (without working), school fees for their children and land. Mr. Chamisa, you should control your speed and Zimbabweans are watching you.

Silas Memory Madondo is a lecturer and a Mixed Methods Researcher and can be conducted via [email protected]

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