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Let me begin by saying I am in the diaspora , ruregerero vana veZimbabwe ndiri mbwende .I escaped may years ago to the diaspora ,I could not stand it .I was angry and frustrated by our inertia as a people .The ability to take undeserved punishment and nonsense from politicians of you my fellow countrymen made my blood boil .The normalising of the abnormal drove me insane .Every single day ,I wake up by the rivers of Babylon , I remember and yearn for “Zion” . Home is Home, and the sweetest.

Flag-map_of_ZimbabweWhat is the solution, and way forward for Zimbabwe?

1. Overcome Fear    .It is fear which is the greatest obstacle to achieve freedom and true independence in Zimbabwe. We must like those that fought in the armed struggle  prepare to  die  ,rot in prison ,get brutalised  ,we are our own Liberators .I salute the gallant sons, and daughters who face and continue the  beastly political machinery  of repression in the eye and fight .I take a moment to offer a prayer and  salute you  Patson Dzamara  ,Prosper Mkwanhanzi ,Stan Zvorwadza  .Pst Evan Mawarire  ,Linda Masarira and many more too numerous to mention ]

It is not about RGM, but the system, that needs a holistic overhaul, if not complete change .Zimbabwe is a revolution gone off the rails, and needs urgent attention.

The situation the country faces is crying out for the nation to immediately come together and define a new and better Zimbabwe National Vision [Where there is no vision a country /people perish]. A vision that captures our inclusive mutual national aspirations. Zimbabwe is a country that is endowed with both natural and people resources the two most important components for development & success yet a failed state. [Unemployment, de-industrialization, cash crisis, health delivery crisis to mention just but a few challenges the country faces]  .Its failure and problems , is nothing but failure of leadership .Let us look at what formed the National Grievances as this defined why the armed struggle for independence took place .Look at our achievements, where and  what went wrong, and plan how to avoid future similar failures .Mobilize all for  immediate remedial  action .The time to act is now for, the centre no longer holds .Zimbabwe desperately needs a new Blue print and action on the way forward  to usher in true representative democracy and freedom for its long suffering people.

1. Push for early elections   , by lawful peaceful civil disobedience .In any true democracy it is a right to recall elected representatives for whatever reason the electorate deems fit. [Non-performance, incompetence included]

How is the question?

We need to agree why action must be taken, the objective, reason and expected result.

[A]First complete total stay away/shutdown  

Reason: to send a clear message we are united, and we are determined for change, and we want peaceful change .People must stay indoors .It is time for everyone to sacrifice including taxi business owners, businesses etc.

[B].Followed by going on the streets, March to state-house.

At this stage there is no going back .People must be prepared to face soldiers ,tanks ,police brutality until the regime goes .One message that has to be drummed into everyone is fear not ,There is no country in the  world that can contain /suppress a united citizenry .

For starters ,even if they mobilised all the  police ,army  ,air force  .intelligence  ,prison ,youth brigade and whatever reserve forces in the whole country  ,they can’t contain  one  city  on its own Simply put they don’t have the numbers or the resources either  .[Zizi harina Nyanga]. I am talking a mass  came out in force in high density  areas like Dangamvura ,Sakubva ,Chikanga  etc .It must not be  just  a few toyi-toying groups as what we have seen recently these can be contained . The recent MDC rallies/protests has shown the power of organisation and unity .It must be  once  ,countrywide same time .Plan start time blowing of whistles/ring bells exact same time  and people must  come out at once and march to an agreed place[s] from all directions at the same time .Imagine if the whole of Harare  Budiriro ,DZ .Mufakose ,Kuwadzana  ,Kambuzuma Glen View ,Glen Norah  ,talk of Mabvuku ,Tafara  ,Epworth  ,Fiyo come out of houses  ,what can the overstretched police do ?.The government does not have the resources ,and neither can they use the army if no-one is rioting  .Can you imagine a similar scenario happening at the same time in Bulawayo Gwanda ,Chiredzi ,Kwekwe  ,Bindura Gokwe ,Rusape  ,Chihoyi  ,Gweru ,Masvingo  ,Chipinge etc .I have not mentioned Chitungwizwa and the numerous growth points .The truth of the matter is ,people are tired but there is no clear defined vision & leadership on why we must strike and what is to be achieved .If Mubarak in and the powerful Egypt  army can be   defied why not in Zimbabwe .The majority in the security are with the people ,this is also a fact and they will not fight if numbers are  huge  . There must be a period of mobilisation and sensitization [weeks not months ]Teach and let the people know what is happening ,and why .True war veterans of our struggle for independence have done it before .I challenge real true war veterans to come out now and help  re-liberate Zimbabwe . Take a lead, teach and show the youths how it was done against Smith, and still works even against the brutal regime.

There must be co-ordination for this thing to work .Time for personal glory is over .Zimbabwe is bleeding .Its needs all its children to stand up together now and save it .Morgan Tsvangirai ,Joyce Mujuru  ,Dumiso Dabengwa ,Simba Makoni  ,Arthur Mutambara ,Job Sikhala ,Tendai Biti .Promise Mkwanhanzi ,Stan Zvorwadza ,Patson Dzamara ,Linda Masarira ,Nkosana Moyo ,Mutumwa Mawere ,Strive Masiyiwa  ,Mthuli Ncube ,Sobhuza Gula-Ndebele  ,Cephas Msipa  Pst Evans Mawarire ,Thomas Mapfumo ,Pricilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga ,Welshman Ncube  ,Alex Magaisa  ,Trevor Ncube ,Geoff Nyarota .Shingi Munyeza  ,Emmanuel Makandiwa ,Pius Ncube .Sekai Holland ,Nigel Chanakira  ,Fay Chung  ,Margret Dongo  ,Thokozani Khupe   ,Themba Mliswa etc come together . This is the time to raise your hands and be counted .Unite and lead Zimbabwe to the promised land .Come together now and lead this great country forward .Let go your big egos and disunity .History and eternity will judge you harshly for letting this great nation down .If we don’t unite to get rid of the current blood sucking system in Zimbabwe, future generations, and even God when we eventually make it to the other world will not forgive us.

To the many Men-of-God in Zimbabwe, who is a Nathan among you? Who is truly sent, hears clearly and correctly from the Lord? .Who can say the Lord’s mind concerning Zimbabwe?. Who can tell the King directly without fear, stand and declare over Zimbabwe as Elijah did, and there was no rain by his word for 3.5years?.Who can say let my people go ?.

We can’t continue to drive down into the raven and give excuses for failure to steer the national bus on external forces .It is the bus driver that can steer straight or into the ditch .Zimbabwe is our bus together ,not one person has exclusive rights/ownership . Not one single person /party must want to cling to the steering wheel [ZANU PF style] ,and kill the rest just because you are on the driver’s seat by an opportunity given by fellow citizens .Ushe madzoro ,hunoravanwa  .Humbimbindoga  hauna buduriro ,chara chimwe hachitswanyi inda  .There is not one single Zimbabwean /party that is the only reservoir of ability and knowledge, we must all work together for the national good   .The country belongs to us all . If things are not working well with the majority, those in the driving seat of the national vehicle must voluntarily give up and let others drive [Julius Mwalimu Nyerere style].

The idea of no substitution from the same team even if the team is losing ,ngayipere  Hazvina basa ndi Captain vatadza musi iwoyo team pamberi .Kana player isiri kufamba nebhora let there be substitution  ,kumaTerrace kuripo ,hapana arukudzingwa muground kungoti  vamwe vambotambewo team ihwinhe .Zimbabweans including those in ZANU PF   must now decide to loose ,and continue loosing or   face reality and tell the captain nguva yakwana.It’s no longer about RGM ,succession but our national  good at stake .Must we be another Somalia before people realise things are bad .

RGM at your peak you were a star player that the majority where proud of as our leader .But the economy is now a mess .Let others help to clean up. You have tried and played your part we greatly appreciate you. Every mortal person has limitations and specific time after which other takeover. It’s time for new approaches and methodologies .We may never produce a similar classy or better player in this generation, but it’s not about an individual anymore. When the game time is up, no-one can rewind the clock . Dariro rinosudurukwa ngoma ichapfumbira.

Ruregerero kune vasvotwa nevarwadziwa, Kushwuwira budiriro yenyika yedu tose chete .Ndezvedu tese izvi .Mashora.


Wenyu Comrade MuRozvi Mukuru

 Basvi, Bvumavaranda, Moyo, mwana wemuRozvi Vene venyika.

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