Sifiso wins bronze in PE, SA

Zimbabwe was among the other countries which took part in the African Youth chess championships which were held in Port Elizabeth , South Africa from the 20th-29th of August.There was a total of 14 countries which included Mozambique, Nigeria, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia , Algeria, Egypt, Botswana, Malawi.

chess2The traditional North African giants Egypt and Algeria took part in this star-studded tourney which was hosted at Sun Board walk hotel in the Nelson Mandela Bay of South Africa.Youngsters fought fiercely over the checkered board.
Zimbawe send a bidg team with 35 players, among them 11 from seconday schools and the remainder came from the primary school section.Sifiso Ncube claimed bronze medal for Zimbabwe when he came third in a star-studded field of the under 18 players from different countries among them Algeria, South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.Sifiso won 6 games and drew one against Nassr Ahmed of Algeria in round 5. He lost to Lukas Roos in a seemingly won position , but failed to convert.He defeated Van-Zyl Rudd Jack of South Africa in round 6. Jack is rated 2016 before losing to Paul Glyckman in round 7.
He then went on to beat Sakuze Karabo of Botswana and Mfundo Masiya of South Africa in round 8 and 9 respectively to finish with 6,5 pounts out of 9 rounds of play. Panashe Chimbwanda another Zimbabwean in the under 18 section performed fairly well scoring 5/9 points. he won 4 games and drew two games. He drew against Paul Gluckman who defeated Sifiso in round 5.he lost three games in his first international tournament nad having an upset in round one after defeating Reddy of South Africa whose rating is 1698. Among the six rated players he played he got some positive results in three of the games he played showing that he will be able to get a rating when the results are submitted at Fide since the tournament was fide rated. Kudzai Nhandu performed fairly well scoring 4/9 games of play, he had 4 wins and no draws on his results.He played in the under 16 boys category, while Tadairwanashe Muchimwe and Craig Mandimutsira played in the under 14 boys category. They had 3,5 and 4 points respectively.
Craig defeated Marape Marape Jnr in round 8 in one of his best games of the tournament before losing his final round against F. Rye of South Africa in a pulsating game. Hazel Ruzani performed above average scoring 5/9 points. She won a prize of the best game upset when she defeated WCM Besa Masaiti of Botswana in a very interesting game. She took part in the under 14 girls category. Masheia Dzimba had 4,5 points out of 9 games of play. This was a fair score for a first timer on international scene. Faith Ncube also had 4,5 points out of 9 games of play while Pumuzile Moyo scored 4 points out of 9 games of play. The players fought their hearts out. Yours truly was the coach for the team above and he was assisted by Joseph Moyo. In the juniors category Refiloe Mudodo came fourth half a point behind the third placed player from South Africa, she scored 6 points.
Tadiwanashe Madaka scored 6 points as well in the under ten boys category also half a point behind the third placed player. Makanaka Chiwara also played very well though missing a medal in the last games after fighting all the way to the podium which then failed by a whisker. Tinaye Madamombe, Tawananyasha Mawire fought their hearts out but failed  to get the medals. I hope that the experience which they got will go a long way to bring some medals next time. Matthew Mhlanga played one of his best games against Tinahse Philimon of Alfred beit in which he won in a very interesting fashion, block a seemingly check mamte with a discovered cheque blocking and taking the rook which was meant to checkmate. Taona Mugwise also played one of his best games against Tahr Candidate Master to get a draw in a very interesting tactical move which led to a draw by perpetual check.
Rumbidzai Mwire failed to live up to expectations as she slumped in the final rounds of the game. What i can say is that there is a lot of potential for our young chess masters if they are exposed in more tournaments and my advise is that there is need to practice early for these high profile tournies for us to bring more titles and medals as well. Meanwhile the senior national teams of both men and women is taking part in the Olympiads which are being hosted by Baku. The men’s team lost their opening game but went on to win the second game 3,5-0,5 beating Aruba.
Today the men play against Albania and the games are currently underway. The team is made up of IM Makoto, IM Mandizha, Masango and Chimbamu Elisha. All the best to the teams. Ladies lost their two opening games.They lost to Peru and Scotland , we hope that they will be able to pull a trigger against our rivarls South Africa. Today they play against South Africa, there is fire on the board.

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