Zimbabwe now a patronage state

Zanu PF has turned the country into a patronage state following revelations of how Saviour Kasukuwere, the Local Government minister has illegally parceled out state land to senior Zanu PF officials.

Saviour Kasukuwere

Saviour Kasukuwere

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), we are concerned with how senior Zanu PF officials are acquiring state land for free, which they unlawfully later turn into up market residential stands for resale.

This patronage system in Zanu PF has done nothing but affected the country’s economy as only a few corrupt individuals are benefitting.

Among the beneficiaries of the Zanu PF patronage system include, Higher Education minister, Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere’s brother, Tongai Kasukuwere, Sarah Mahoka and Zanu PF youth leader, Kudzai Chipanga.

This is not the first time that Kasukuwere has unlawfully interfered in the affairs of the government and local authorities.

Early this year Kasukuwere parcelled out 54 residential stands in Kambuzuma, Harare where the Harare City Council has the sole jurisdiction for the land.

Kasukuwere has also illegally dished out land in Bulawayo and Chitungwiza to Zanu PF youths, a situation which has seriously affected service delivery in these areas.

What Kasukuwere is doing a clearly an act of corruption and vote buying ahead of the 2018 elections.

This is also taking place in the agricultural sector where Zanu PF members are expected to benefit from command agriculture.  This concept has many loopholes, which will only benefit those connect to Zanu PF who like in the past projects will not be able to repay their loans to the government.

As PDP, we are in support that housing for all is a human right according to the country’s Constitution.  However, we are totally against the patronage system that has been adopted by Kasukuwere.  The right to decent housing is a universal right that must also apply to those living in Zimbabwe’s rural communities.

It is unethical and causes unnecessary planning challenges for the local councils.

The PDP believes in increasing the rate of building houses, not only to address an urgent social need, now evidenced by the increasing sprouting of unplanned housing schemes in most urban centers, but also because house construction will create a large number of job opportunities.


Jacob Mafume

PDP National Spokesperson

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