A new Zimbabwe in the horizon…

It’s inevitable, a new Zimbabwe is on the way. Attempts have been made to shut the Zimbabwean up but people are fed up, come what may but we will speak out anyway, that’s the new attitude of the Zimbabwean. They have been shut up in the prison but the jail could not shut them up. They have been beaten and tortured but that could not stop them either. They have even been threatened with death but that has also failed to silence them.

Flag-map_of_ZimbabwePeople have just had enough, they will do whatever it takes to free their country again, this time not from colonial rule but from fellow black oppressors who have turned against their own people. A new Zimbabwe is certainly dawning it can’t be stopped  any longer. Fear is a thing of the past. Either way the Zimbabwean is hurting anyway might as well hurt while they press forward towards their freedom, because even if they keep silent the pain is still there.

Things will certainly change, or have started to change. Breaking the fear barrier was the biggest step towards the  new Zimbabwe.  The new Zimbabwe that every Zimbabwean dreams of in their heart they will live to see. It is said what goes up will come down, the oppressor who appears to be up today will soon be down. Every Zimbabwean is equal, there is no Zimbabwean who is more Zimbabwean than others. All Zimbabweans have equal rights in their mother land, it doesn’t matter what colour they are. Justice for all, that is the Zimbabwe we dream of and that is the Zimbabwe we will have. Zimbabwe will live again!

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  1. Patrick Guramatunhu

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