An Update on Human Rights Violations in Zimbabwe

Week ending (07-10-16)


Area Outlook Situation


Uzumba Ward 6


Tense On 5 October 2016, ZANU PF youth, Godfrey Chikano and Amos Kawisha disrupted a food distribution meeting at Mutawatawa Growth point. The duo approached the ward Councillor, Mr Tichafunga Marekera who is also from ZANU PF  and demanded to see the beneficiaries list. They started removing names of well known opposition supporters. They vowed that anyone who does not support ZANU PF in the area will never receive food aid. The two also started singing and shouting obscenities at the gathered crowd. Police from Mutawatawa station had to be called in to quell the situation but no arrests were made.



Mbire ward 9 Moderate Pandati Mutekiwa, a ZANU PF youth and Robert Chawara, ZANU PF Youth chairperson for the ward disrupted a food registration meeting at Mbire District Offices on 4 October 2016. The two arrived at the meeting and started chanting ZANU PF slogans while officials from the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare were addressing villagers. The two announced that no opposition supporter was supposed to be on the list of beneficiaries, arguing that the food from the Social Welfare Department was for ZANU PF members only. The two then started singing forcing the officials from Social welfare Department to postpone the registration programme to the 8th of October 2016. No police report was made.



Makoni west ward 25 Moderate On the 5th of October 2016, during a food registration exercise, Village head Moses Zenda told people who had gathered at Mukuwiri ward centre that all known opposition political party supporters were not eligible to receive food aid because they were supporting opposition parties. Zenda singled out Lameck Gona, Stanley Mandiwa, Mujeyi Mutimba and Rinos Mutimba all MDC-T members in the area and told them that they were “wasting their time” attending the meeting because they would not be registered to receive food aid.



Chivi ward 25 Tense On 3 October 2016, ZANU PF ward chairperson, Tongai Mafuzhe, threatened Kudakwashe Masvina, an MDC-T member with death, accusing him of organising opposition political meetings in the area. This happened at a funeral in the ward. Mafuzhe went on to approach Chief Madzivire and gave him an ultimatum to evict Masvina by 30 October 2016 indicating that no opposition political party members should still be residing in the area by 31 December 2016. Out of fear, the Chief promised to discuss the case further with other village heads at their next meeting.



Chipinge ward 28 Moderate On 2 October 2016, Chief Mupungu sent out youths to move around in the ward threatening people who were supposed to attend an MDC-T meeting that was called for at Mahlayeya ward centre on 3 October 2016. The youths warned people that if they attend any opposition meetings in the area, they risked being removed from food aid beneficiaries lists.



Hurungwe ward 24


Moderate Village head Mandiudza called for a community developmental meeting in the ward on the 2nd of October 2016.  More than 134 people turned up for the meeting but were shocked that instead of getting updates on the food distribution exercise, ZANU PF leaders started chanting party slogans and singing.  Mandiudza later addressed people and indicated that it was in fact a ZANU PF meeting they had called to remind people not to support any other party that is not the ruling party.



Mt Darwin ward 36


Tense ZANU PF Ward Chairperson Samson Manomano mobilised youth in the area on 4 October 2016 to move around villages threatening people and warning them against attending the  Zimbabwe People First(ZPF)  rally  scheduled for 8 October 2016. The youths warned the villagers that all those who attend the rally would be assaulted by ZANU PF youths.  Village heads Nyamutora, Chigango, Matsindiro and Kadohata were also tasked to write down names of people who will attend the rally.



Muzarabani ward 17 Moderate On 2 October 2016, Samson Chinziro, MDC-T ward chairperson was assaulted by ZANU PF members who were led by Sibion Manzizi. On the day, Chinziro had visited a relative in ward 2. On his way back to his house in ward 17, Chinziro passed through a road adjacent to where ZANU PF youths were camped. When the youths saw Chinziro, they called him to where they were. Upon arrival, the ZANU PF youths started hurling insults at him accusing him of mobilising community members every time there is an MDC-T meeting in the area. When Chinziro tried to flee, Manzizi threw a stone that hit him on the forehead. Chinziro sustained a serious cut on his forehead. Chinziro was assisted by villagers who intervened and rescued him. The case was reported at Hoya police station but Manzizi is yet to be arrested as he is now on the run.

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