And the Zimbabwean coalition against the death penalty

The event will celebrate:


  • The Life and Dignity of all Zimbabweans
  • Zimbabwean Traditional Culture which found the death penalty abhorrent
  • The ZANU 1980 Manifesto declaring the party’s intention of abolishing this colonial relic
  • The draft Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Abolition of the Death Penalty in Africa, drawn up while our President was Chairman of the AU and SADC

Zimbabwe has not carried out any executions for over 10 years, putting it on the list of countries that have a de facto moratorium on executions.  BUT Zimbabwe has not formally abolished the death penalty, and the moratorium does not spare condemned prisoners the horrors of awaiting execution on death row.

This event will encourage all Zimbabwean to think about what the death penalty means.  Is it a deterrent to murder?  Are errors made in the trial and sentencing? –execution is irrevocable.  Are more poor people condemned to death than rich people?  Does putting people to death brutalise the whole of society?  What impact do prisoners on death row have on the prison system?

We hope that this event  will encourage all Zimbabweans to work for the total abolition of the death penalty.

Attached is a petition to abolish the death penalty in Zimbabwe, you are encouraged to sign the petition at this link.

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