CIZC statement on Zanu (PF) violence during electoral law reforms public hearings

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition notes with great concern the violent conduct being exhibited by Zanu (PF) supporters during public hearings on the Electoral Law Reforms.

Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga

Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga

Hearings in Mutoko were rocked by violence and yesterday, October 27, 2016, two opposition legislators, Jessie Majome and Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga were attacked in Mutare by Zanu (PF) youths who accused them of bias.

Reports of violence have been reported in Bulawayo today as well.

The conduct of Zanu (PF) supporters during the public hearings have come to expose the extent to which the ruling party thrives on intimidation and violence.

One thing that has also come out in the open is that the ruling party militia operate with a lot of impunity as the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has chosen to stand –by while  violence is being perpetrated against opposition supporters in the name of protecting the interests of Zanu (PF).

The ZRP has on numerous cases acted swiftly to institute a series of arbitrary arrests of opposition supporters yet no action is taken when Zanu (PF) supporters perpetrate violence against opposition lawmakers and supporters.

Senior police officers including the Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri are on record declaring that they are Zanu (PF) functionaries and it is not surprising that the violent Zanu (PF) supporters are acting with a lot of impunity.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition is concerned that such partisan behavior by the police which leads them to condone violent behavior could lead to loss of lives especially as the country braces for the 2018 polls.

In 2008, about 200 opposition supporters lost their lives at the hands of Zanu (PF) militia and the country’s law enforcement agents, in their bid to protect the ruling party had to sweep the murders under the carpet and CiZC fears that we are headed for a repeat of the same.

CiZC implores the Head of State and Government; President Robert Mugabe to walk the talk as far as his pledge to peace and tolerance is concerned.

President Mugabe has often been swift to castigate protests against misgovernance in the country yet he chooses to remain silent when his supporters perpetrate violence against other parties.

His stance has proved how he relies on violence and intimidation to maintain his hold on power as he chooses to speak out only when he feels his political office is under threat.

As CiZC, we condemn such behavior in the strongest terms and we call upon regional, continental and international bodies to intervene in resolving the Zimbabwean crisis which poses a serious threat to human life.

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