Government resources and institutions used to lure voters

In an attempt to garner support for Zanu PF candidate Ronald Chindedza ahead of the Norton by-election, Zanu PF officials have parcelled out food and stands among other freebies during rallies in Norton. Chindedza stands against independent candidate Temba Mliswa and David Choga from the National Constitutional Assembly.

Part of the crowd that attended the rally on 19 October at Karina in Norton

Part of the crowd that attended the rally on 19 October at Karina in Norton

To influence the Norton constituency, ahead of the rally, residents were issued with forms to register for the 5000 Urban Development Corporation (Udcorp) stands to be allocated along Sandringham Road. Udcorp is a government entity mandated to ensure the provision of housing in the country.

Youths that attended the rally complained that previously one stand could be allocated to four people and they also
added that they did not expect to pay for the stands citing that President Robert Mugabe assured them that land was for free.
Zanu PF Secretary for Youths, Kudzai Chipanga, reminded the youths to show their allegiance and gratitude on election day, 22 October.
In another related incident, on 18 October, Zanu PF youths took over maize distribution after the process turned chaotic due to intraparty feuds when Zanu PF supporters from ward 4 are alleged to have complained that local leaders were giving first preference to those from ward 12. The food that was distributed consisted of maize and rice.

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