MDC turns 17

All roads lead to White City Stadium in the City of Kings & Queens on Saturday. October 1, 2016, as the MDC holds its 17th anniversary and birthday celebrations. The people’s project has come of age; it has matured into becoming the largest and most popular political party in Zimbabwe.

mdc DemoUnder the theme; Redefining the end-game, the MDC will be marking its 17th anniversary at a time when the political and socio – economic situation in Zimbabwe has deteriorated to such an extent that at least 75% of the country’s population is now living in abject poverty and penury; meaning that they are living on less than US$1 per day.

This is a historic and momentous occasion for all us in the MDC family and also for all Zimbabweans at large as we look back and re – focus on all the trials, tribulations, let downs as well as major successes of our mighty political party. Today, we are extremely proud to the largest and most popular political party in Zimbabwe; thanks to the overwhelming support of the toiling masses of Zimbabwe as well as to the very able and visionary leadership of our humble but charismatic leader; President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

Over the past seventeen years, the Zanu PF dictatorship, fronted by Robert Mugabe, has harassed, beaten up, tortured, arrested and imprisoned our leaders as well as other ordinary party cadres but, collectively, we have remained solid as a rock, resolute and steadfast.

We are now redefining the endgame to a new, prosperous and democratic nation state in Zimbabwe. Indeed, the MDC is poised to resoundingly win any free and fair election to be held in Zimbabwe.

As we celebrate our 17th anniversary at White City Stadium, we also take this solemn occasion to remember the lives of the several heroes and heroines of the party who lost their lives at the hands of the brutal, intolerant and fascist Zanu PF dictatorship. In memory of these gallant patriots, we shall remain united and determined to peacefully and constitutionally collapse the deeply entrenched Zanu PF dictatorship.

More than ever before, the MDC is determined to complete the historic struggle of the oppressed and supressed masses of Zimbabwe.The people of Zimbabwe are looking up to us for their deliverance from the demonic jaws of Zanu PF fascism and tyranny. On our part, we have resolved not to disappoint the millions of Zimbabweans who have reposed so much trust and confidence in the people’s project; the MDC.

The struggle for emancipation and genuine freedom of the people of Zimbabwe has now entered the homestretch.The MDC is on the verge of making history as the next government of the Republic of Zimbabwe; working closely together with similar – minded , people – centred and patriotic political and civic organisations.

Happy 17th Birthday MDC !!  Happy 17th Birthday to the People’s Project !!

MDC: Equal Opportunies For All
Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson


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