PDP Supports Themba Mliswa

The PDP restates its position stated in the Mandel Declaration, which among other resolutions underlines the ‘No Reform No Election’ policy position. The party’s founding Convention held on the 11th of September 2015 restated and adopted this resolution as stated in Agenda for Restoration and Rehabilitation of Electoral Sustainability (ARREST).

In-line with the benchmarks we set as part of the political roadmap in ARREST, we have supported the efforts of nascent social movements like #tajamuka and #this Flag, Occupy Africa Unity Square, Unemployed Youth Organisation.

To this end, we have also taken part in the demonstrations being held under NERA Plus Plus in demand of electoral reform and have been in support demonstrations held by other social movements in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora.

Beyond this, the PDP has joined Zimbabweans who have taken the fight to Mugabe in the courts in a bid to defend the rights and push for the actualisation of the new constitution. We believe that Zimbabweans must enjoy the freedoms enshrined in the new Constitution.

Despite the fact that the PDP is against an election without reform, we are of the view that any fight against ZANUPF is worth pursuing.

To this end, we have upped the game around the need to establish the National Transitional Authority (NTA).

Settlement Chikwinya

Settlement Chikwinya

We believe that Zanu PF will not reform! The NTA will remove the infrastructure of violence and fear; the key instruments used by Zanu PF for rigging elections and therefore level the paying field, among other broader economic, political and social cohesion issues.

As PDP, we therefore urge Zimbabweans to continue with the fight against dictatorship, corruption and maladministration.

Only an active role of the citizen will help create another Zimbabwe.

In light of this we urge the people of Norton to support Themba Mliswa in his quest to block ZANU-PF to claim the seat. We are tired of ZANU-PF; they must not be allowed to win any election in Zimbabwe while Zimbabweans are watching.

Settlement Chikwinya
PDP Secretary for Elections

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