An Update on Human Rights Violations in Zimbabwe

Week ending (31-10-16)


Area Outlook Situation


Bikita ward 22


Tense ZANU PF candidate in the pending Bikita by-election, Beauty Chabaya called for a meeting at Mukute ward centre on 29 October 2016. At the meeting, Chibaya told people that they should vote for her resoundingly in the event that the  by-election is held. She threatened to deny anyone who does not vote for her food aid. She warned people that if they “rebel” by voting for another candidate, her party was going to unleash political violence similar to the 2008 election violence. Chibaya also told people that she has instructed ZANU PF youths in the area to begin compiling  lists of all opposition members and ZANU PF rebels so that they are removed from food aid beneficiaries list.



Bikita  ward 9


Tense ZANU PF ward 9 Councillor, Sabina Mudzonyonga and ZANU PF ward chairperson, Blessing Gore held a meeting at Bikita shopping centre on 28 October 2016 to drum up support for ZANU PF by-election candidate, Beauty Chabaya. At the meeting, Councillor Sabina Mudzongonya openly told people that her party with immediate effect has imposed a ban on wearing opposition party regalia in the area, claiming that the area is a ZANU PF stronghold and should not be infiltrated by other political parties. Gore also threatened to unleash violence in the area in the event that their candidate loses. Gore also told people that all ZANU PF “rebels” and opposition members were not going to benefit from any food aid initiative that will come in their area.



Bikita ward 10


Tense On 26 October 2016, ZANU PF Ward chairperson, Ngoni Taruona instructed all Village heads in the area to inform community members that there was going to be a food distribution exercise on 27 October at Jaravaza ward centre. When community members gathered for the food distribution exercise, they were shocked as Taruona started chanting ZANU PF slogans. He went further to address the gathering  and told villagers to vote resoundingly for ZANU PF candidate, Beauty Chabaya if they wanted to continue receiving food aid. As Taruona was addressing, Chabaya arrived at the meeting and she also addressed the crowd. The aspiring candidate in her address threatened people with violence if they do not vote for her. She took the people through the 2008 political violence which she described as punishment to opposition political party members for not voting for ZANU PF. Chabaya  also took a swipe at ward 10 ZANU PF Councillor, Sign Mukanganwi whom he accused of supporting  Zimbabwe People First(ZPF).



Mbire ward 9 Tense ZANU PF District chairperson, Robert Chawada disrupted an AREX meeting where the Department of Agriculture and Rural Extension (AREX) officers were compiling names of potential beneficiaries of a cotton seed distribution exercise at Mushumbi business centre on 25 October 2016. Chawada was in the company of ZANU PF Youths. When the AREX officers were addressing villagers, Chawada and ZANU PF youths started making slogans. As they were doing so, they took the seed beneficiary list from Village heads Mvundika, Kamanura and Sangu and tore it. Chawada accused the Village heads of supporting opposition parties and for allowing opposition parties to hold meetings in their areas. The meeting had to be abandoned as the youths continued sloganeering. The matter was reported at Mushumbi police station leading to Chawada’s arrest.



Nyanga South ward 18 Moderate On 24 October 2016, ZANU PF conducted a meeting to restructure its party cells at Mapako Business Centre. ZANU PF party chairman Howard Dzokoto told people at the meeting that in the 2018 elections, they must ensure that ZANU PF wins the election by any means possible. Dzokoto also said that he will ensure that ZANU PF youths set up a base at Mapako business centre so that they  monitoring all opposition party activities in the area.



Mt Darwin ward 8 Tense Community members in Mt Darwin ward 8 are being intimidated and threatened by ZANU PF Youth officer Boaz Matambanadzo for supporting opposition political party, Zimbabwe People First (ZPF). On 24 October 2016, Matambanadzo led ZANU PF youths who were moving in the ward telling people that anyone who attends the upcoming ZPF rally that is to be conducted on 29 October 2016 at Dotito Business Centre will have their names written down and will not receive food aid. Matambanadzo has also given a directive to all Village heads in the area to compile a list of everyone who will attend the rally.



Bikita West ward 19


Tense On 24 October 2016, ZANU PF Provincial Secretary for Finance for Masvingo Province, Jeppy Jaboon threatened community members who were gathered in Gonan’ombe Village for a funeral. In his address, Jaboon told people that if they vote for any candidate who is not from ZANU PF in the coming by-election, they will be “dealt” with accordingly. Jaboon also said that what happened in the Norton by-election should never happen in Bikita West constituency. Jaboon told people that they should vote for ZANU PF candidate, Beauty Chabaya resoundingly in the coming by-election.



Mbire ward 17 Tense ZANU PF ward chairman, Shuden Bandera summoned Village heads Kazhure and Zata Kopakopa to his homestead on 24 October 2016. At the meeting, he told the Village heads that they were not going to receive any farming inputs this year because of their continued support of opposition parties. Bandera told them that if they continued facilitating convening of opposition meetings in their areas, they will be stripped off their positions before the 2018 elections. Allegations which the village heads denied. The case has not been reported to the police.



Zvishavane ward 14


Moderate On 22 October during a food distribution exercise at Chirere Primary school, ZANU PF District Chairperson Emmanuel Pambura, and ZANU PF ward 24 Councillor, Evelyn Mubama told people that all opposition supporters were not going to receive food aid. People at the meeting were shocked after the three started calling up names of suspected opposition members from a list they had and told people that the people on the list were not going to receive food aid as the aid was meant for ZANU PF supporters only.



Mhondoro Ngezi ward 5 Moderate Muchema Primary School headmaster Mr Shindi was told by ZANU PF Councillor, Ephraim Pepukai Chengeta that he must stop receiving any donations from opposition political party members if he wanted to keep his job. The news was delivered to him on 23 October 2016 by a messenger only identified as Blessing, who said he had been sent by Councillor Chengeta. Chengeta also accused the headmaster of allowing people from Zimbabwe People First  (ZPF) to be part of the School Development Committee.

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