Blood drive campaign

The National Blood Service of Zimbabwe (NBSZ), Manicaland Province continues to urge people to donate blood and to establish and build a culture of donating blood to ensure that the country is not overwhelmed by blood shortages over the coming festive season.

blood9transfusionNBSZ Manicaland recently launched this year’s annual festive season blood donation drive.
Provincial spokesperson, Nick Muparutsa said the campaign will run until January 2017 with the theme “Blood Connects Us”.  The campaign focuses on thanking blood donors and highlighting the dimensions of sharing and connection between donors and recipient patients.

Muparutsa said: “Our mission is to save lives through the provision of safe blood and blood products that meet customer expectations. We have launched this festive season blood drive campaign at provincial level so that we have enough blood during this festive season.”

The NBSZ is pushing to stock up at least 6690 units of blood countrywide and will continue to adjusti this number as the season continues.

Muparutsa has further urged all adult citizens to continue donating throughout the year.

“We are especially calling on more young people to join their ‘Pledge 25’ campaign and other interested adults to seek out information on regular blood donations,” he explained.

The festive season is a fragile time for the blood service and hospitals as road fatalities increase and put a major strain on the nation’s blood supply, requiring increased blood reserves.

The NBSZ provides information about donating blood through its various programs and motivational talks are done in the process. When people come to donate blood they are talked through the whole process to help to reduce any fears or misgivings that they may have and the are provided with answers to any questions they may have regarding the safety of donating blood.

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