Christmas will always be a pagan holiday

Christmas will always be a pagan holiday - no matter how many times we use the name of Jesus Christ

father-christmasI am always amazed, during this time of the year, at the frenzy – especially amongst Christians – over Christmas, and how they seem to truly believe that it is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday.

However, not only is it not Jesus Christ’s birthday, but the day is derived from a Roman pagan holiday – and as such, no matter how much we might want to ‘sanctify’ this day by attaching the name of Jesus Christ, it will always be a pagan day.

What perpetually perplexes my mind is that, if we, as Christians, were so eager to celebrate Jesus’ birthday – whose date no living being is aware of – why did we not come up with our own unique day?

Why did we not come up with any other day, besides adopting a pagan holiday and trying to transform it into a Christian day?

To me, that seems very dubious indeed.

That is why, although a Christian, I will never recognise this day.

If I do not know when my father was born, and for some strange reason, I decide to celebrate his birthday, why – out of all the 365 days in the year – should I deliberately choose a date that is associated with evil?

Would I be saying that my father was evil?

The same applies to Christmas – is the deliberate choice of a pagan holiday, to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, an insult on Him, by labelling Him as evil?

A pagan day will always be pagan.

Let me provide another illustration.

If Christians do not believe in ancestral worship – including all the rituals associated with this – why would they deliberately adopt such practices by attaching the name of Christ – but without changing anything else – and then claiming that such rituals are to celebrate Jesus’ ascension to heaven.

They would still offer traditional beer, slaughter a black bull, and chant and make offerings on graves – but now using the name Jesus Christ.

That would not make any sense.

That is exactly what is happening with Christians and Christmas.

‘Christmas’ was originally a Roman holiday, called Saturnalia, honoring their pagan god Saturn – who is also named after the day Saturday, and the planet Saturn.

This pagan god was commemorated in December – around the 25th – to mark the winter solstice – the return of the sun.

During this period, the Roman authorities suspended all laws, such that, lawlessness was part of the celebrations.

That is why even today, the English word for wild revelry is ‘saturnalia’.

Other aspects of these pagan celebrations were feasting, partying, exchanging of gifts, singing in the streets, and decorating of homes – all of which were rituals to honor Saturn.

Nevertheless, Christians – in their efforts to convert pagan Romans – decided to compromise on Jesus’ principles and values, and wholly adopted Saturnalia – ‘converting’ it into Christmas, and claiming that it was now a celebration of Jesus’ birthday.

All the rituals associated with honoring Saturn were incorporated into Christmas.

A compromise that has exposed the weakness of today’s Christians – as they have been subdued by the world, instead of subduing it.

Another example of this compromise is how we have so sheepishly accepted days of the week, and months of the year that honor pagan gods.

We don’t even have our own calander – as Moslems do – that has no traits of paganism.

As such, Christmas remains a pagan holiday till today.

How can a ‘holy’ day, supposedly to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, so possess people in a frenzy, such that they lose their minds – Christians and non-Christians alike – to the extent that people become wild, and spend wildly – even leading to yearly record-breaking deaths, immorality, and financial ruin?

That, to me, does not signal anything ‘holy’ about this day – it is still as evil as during the Roman era.

How many people – who are already financially struggling – will not have any school fees for their children next term – as a result of wild uncontrollable spending during Christmas?

What possessed such people to over-spend?

Why would someone suddenly lose their mind at this time of the year that they will drive like they were demon-possessed into their own graves?

Does this not clearly show that this day is still fully in the hands of the Devil?

Besides, Christianity is supposed to be guided by the first Apostles – such as Simon Peter, John, Paul, and others.

So why is there no mention in the Bible of them ever commemorating the birth of Jesus?

Why was His birth date never mentioned?

How come none of today’s so-called prophets have ever had the Holy Spirit reveal to them the actual date of Jesus’ birth?

Should that not say something to us?

Should that not be clear enough that, as Christians, we should not even be commemorating the birth of Christ?

No matter how much Christians wish it, Christmas will never be a ‘holy’ day, and will forever be a pagan day to honor Saturn, no matter how many times they use the name of Jesus Christ.

° Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social commentator. He welcomes any feedback. Please feel free to call/WhatsApp: +263782283975

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