Local gospel singer shines in SA

Zet Mundhluri is one of only a few local men who has made a name for himself and brought fame to this country at the same time through his singing talent.

Zet Mundhluri

Zet Mundhluri

Popularly singer, known as Zet in South Africa, has made it big and his current DVD album titled “Mhangemutange” that is already in the stores. He is not only making waves in Zimbabwe and South Africa but across the continent.

Most of the tracks on the album receive airtime both locally and in neighbouring countries.

Listening to the album, anyone with an ear for music ear will agree with this reporter that all contributors to this album have bright future careers ahead of them.

This Gweru born musician is presently based in Pretoria, SA where he works as an accountant and studies theology.

Zet is not only appreciated in music circles but also commands huge respect  from fellow evangelists. Scores of admirers who spoke to this journalist describe him as an exceptional Zimonline Radio preacher. In fact, he reminds them of the late pastor Chiweshe.

Mundhluri’s music is not only very popular, but is rewarded through exposure as his videos are often played on One gospel, TBN Africa channel.

Mndhluri started his professional career in 2002. He recorded his debut album in 2006. In 2014 he recorded his second album when he moved to south Africa. His third album was recorded in 2014. In 2016 he recorded an album and a DVD. In 2017 he intends launching two albums entitled ‘You are’ and ‘Nyasha’ and promises all his fans that they will not be disappointed.

Mundhluri who began singing at the age of 18 and wrote his first songs for the AFM Revival Assembly in Gweru, established a group in 2005 called Rock Of Ages. The group gave remarkable support to musicians like Mathias Mhere, among others.

Responding to e-mail questions, the praise and worship artist said that his sole aim is to lead people into the presence of God worldwide through praise and gospel music.

“Mine is a calling from God. I minister through music and preaching. I use multi genres of music, from classic gospel, sungara gospel, and jazz gospel; in fact it is a fusion of all three. There is no limit to what one can achieve in the name of God. I do what the lord has given me to do,” said Mndhluri.

Mundhluri took the opportunity to describe his musical career and life as a living testimony:“I am humbled when I remember how I started and how I came to be in South Africa. The struggles, the loneliness and the tough times, but through it all God was with me. God carried me through and His influence will continue to grow with regards to my faith and my music because He is with me,’’ he added.


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