Steady progress on the construction of a clinic in Zaka District.

The residents have acknowledged positive developments towards health issues in Zaka District. The Public officials in Zaka district have been non responsive to the plight of citizens in the district before the implementation community monitoring and engagement process with COTRAD Action for Accountability Groups (AAGs). The Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD) AAGs social audits survey revealed that, the district have limited heath centres and people are travel long in order to access healthcare from Musiso and Ndanga the only main Hospitals in Zaka district.

Clinic Construction underway at Chinyasvinu community Zaka North Constituency

Clinic Construction underway at Chinyasvinu community Zaka North Constituency

Edna Mageza COTRAD Action for Accountability Group Leader of ward 11 said, the community score cards analysis on health conducted shows that Zaka North Constituency ward 11 have no clinic. People from Baramhanza area travel more than 20 kilometers to Jichidza clinic in ward 12 and those around Makwau area travel long to Mageza Clinic in ward 16. “The shortage of health Centres has affected us women and children, we travels long distance to and from healthcare centres. We are much concerned about the increase in unnecessary death as many people are dying on their way to hospitals and clinics especially pregnant woman” she added.

COTRAD Action for Accountability Group members of ward 11 conducted a breakfast meeting at Baramhanza Primary School and the meeting was attended by community health workers and local traditional leaders. The AAGs come up with a letter endorsed by traditional leaders demanding the council to construction a health centre in ward 11. However, the Zaka RDC granted the construction of Chinyasvinu clinic. “It’s our hope to see our clinic functioning soon, the clinic now at foundation level is being constructed with the plough back fund”, said one village head M Chikozho under Chief Baramhanza.

Thus COTRAD believes that social accountability is required at local level for the realization of the nation’s ideals and aspirations; to ensure that the Constitution is being adhered to especially the right to health as enshrined in the constitution; to address past injustices; to promote good governance and transparency and to manage corruption for enhanced service delivery. COTRAD is not just complementing the role of the local government in facilitating development in health and education issues but also in calling for local Rural District Councils (RDC) in Masvingo province to be accountable. It is essential for the Rural District Councils and citizens to initiate actions that citizens and communities use to hold local government accountable for their decisions and actions. These include citizen participation in public policy making, participatory budgeting, public expenditure tracking and citizen monitoring of public service.

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