War veteran’s tale of abuse, betrayal published in UK

Eunice Chadoka-King was born in 1957 and is the daughter of Weston Chadoka, a political activist who was imprisoned under Ian Smith’s Rhodesian regime. Taken captive whilst at school at 17, she was forced to fight in the Zimbabwean War of Liberation, suffering greatly in refugee camps before receiving political training and finally fighting in the jungle.

eunice-chadoka-kingA victim of rape by army commanders, her son, Gift, was born in the Osibisa Camp where Eunice helped to educate and revolutionise the conditions of the women and children who lived there. Becoming a government figure and journalist after the war, she witnessed first-hand the corruption of Mugabe’s regime – which continued the brutality and lies which she saw dominate the armed struggle. Having married and had more children, Eunice’s brave journey of healing continues.

Although this is her first memoir, she has over 15 years of experience as a journalist, having worked for The Herald (Zimbabwe’s largest newspaper), as well as in government communications departments. The Zimbabwean will be publishing several excerpts of this remarkable story of resilience and triumph over adversity starting on Monday. Don’t miss it!

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