How do you know Mugabe’s on his way home?

Because his road's being fixed

Robert Mugabe

Harare – Say goodbye to Singapore, President Mugabe. And Beijing and wherever else you’ve been on your LONG Christmas holiday.

Harare’s potholed streets await your shiny motorcade. Don’t worry though: your road is fine.

Residents of the Zimbabwean capital – parts of which have been recently battered by rains – have remarked upon the speed with which the road leading to Mugabe’s Borrowdale mansion is being fixed ahead of the president and first lady Grace Mugabe‘s scheduled return home on Friday.

Heavy rains in the capital dislodged parts of the road surface earlier this week, making the highway the president’s limo thrums along at least twice a day (when’s he’s actually in the country) uncannily similar in its “pot-holeyness” to some other roads in Harare.

Tweeted watchdog @ZimMediaReview: “Some roads are more equal than others.”

In contrast, residents of other areas of Harare end up trying to fix potholes outside their homes themselves. Or the craters get roughly filled in with mud and sand by workers – only for the mud to be washed away in the next shower of rain.

“Stampede to fix the presidential motorcade route. Shocking. Why should this route get special attention?” tweeted Zimbabwean lawyer Fadzayi Mahere as she posted a video of trucks and workmen fixing the Borrowdale road.

Mugabe turns 93 next month and has been in power in Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.

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