Violence pre-empts bikita west by election results

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Youth Committee has strengthened its call for regional intervention on Zimbabwe following an upsurge of violence in Bikita West and the attack on one of the parliamentary candidates and his campaign manager ahead of the January 21 by-election.

 The role of SADC and African Union will help to monitor ZANU PF hooligans that are already in full gear to reap from violence and intimidation by abusing state resources.

The young people in Zimbabwe under the banner of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition strongly condemn the behavior by known ZANU PF militias who have pounced on Madock Chivasa, the NCA Parliamentary candidate for Bikita West and his manager Thomas Mudzamiri.

This is unacceptable and must lead to the disqualification of the ZANU PF candidate, Beauty Chabaya who has become notorious for intimidation and violence.

This thuggish behavior by ZANU PF is barbaric and must be condemned by all right thinking Zimbabweans including the Bikita West voters.

CIZC Youth committee already finds the results of the by-election to be a sham given events that are currently obtaining on the ground.

There is no way that an environment where known assailants are allowed to go scot free after attempting to kill a candidate for the election they are contesting, can be deemed as an even playing field.

The behavior by ZANU PF confirms that the party will never respect democratic principles governing elections before the 2018 general elections.

As CiZC we believe that regional intervention will ensure adherence to the set down SADC and AU protocols.

As CiZC Youth committee we are aware that the ZANU PF Commissar, Savior Kasukuwere is presiding over the violence in Bikita West with the assistance of traditional leaders.

An election under such an environment is already skewed and we cannot be confident that the playing field is even.

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