Diaspora lines up series of protests against Mugabe

The Zimbabwe Yadzoka/ Mayibuye iZimbabwe campaign is set to roll a series of protests against President Robert Mugabe in the diaspora.

The demonstrations are set to begin on February 25 and will be dubbed “Rise Up Diaspora”.

Zimbabwe Yadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe leader, Victor Chimhutu said so far, the demonstrations have been lined up in cities that include Dublin, London, Edmonton, Toronto, Birmingham, Oslo, Bergen, Cape Town and Pretoria.

Zimbabwe Yadzoka/ Mayibuye iZimbabwe campaign was launched in August 2016 with the objective of bringing democratic change in Zimbabwe especially through educating and mobilizing the rural populace to register to vote.

“The demonstrations on the 25th of February are against the injustices against innocent citizens in Zimbabwe. Many activists are arrested, imprisoned, tortured or abducted and we remain silent. If Zimbabweans back home cannot be allowed to demonstrate then we in the diaspora have to do it for the world to notice,’ said Chimhutu.

He said injustices in Zimbabwe called for people to rise up and demand respect for their fundamental rights and freedoms.

“When injustices become law in our land, we must resist. We must speak out.  Now we have Pastor Mugadza and Pastor Evan arrested on trumped up charges and many who have been wrongfully convicted on politically motivated charges. We must resist or at the very least let the world know,” said Chimhutu.

He added that it was an insult for President Robert Mugabe to hold a lavish birthday party while the majority of Zimbabweans wallow in abject poverty.

“Additionally on the 21st of February, Mugabe as usual, will lavishly celebrate his birthday amid starvation and calamities in the country, until when should this be allowed to happen.  On the 25th of February, we the Zimbabweans in the diaspora, we are going to speak out with one voice. We are going to begin a season of unprecedented unity and oneness until the 2018 elections when we as Zimbabweans are going to kick Mugabe and Zanu PF out totally,” said Chimhutu.

Zimbabwe was in 2016 rocked by a series of protests against President Robert Mugabe’s misrule and the government responded with brutality.

A number of civic society as well as opposition activists were victimized in the process despite the fact that the Zimbabwean constitution guarantees the right to peaceful protests.

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