Grace Mugabe is not the problem, Zimbabweans are

That she is a motor mouth who suffers from severe mental constipation is incontestable. How she has managed to assume and maintain the position of first lady in a country of people who pride themselves as being learned defies even kindergarten logic.

She has started her nationwide rallies … Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe yesterday shocked many when she said that even if a dead Robert Mugabe’s corpse is put on the ballot paper, people will still vote for him and he will win. She made the shocking claim while addressing Zanu PF supporters at St John’s Primary School in Buhera.

Of course, I was not at all surprised by her utterances. It’s a public secret that the twin qualities of common sense and wisdom are foreign to Grace. Her mind seems to be vegetating in a moribund state.

However and in spite of that, her utterances must not be perceived from the standpoint of her challenged mental condition but what has precipitated it.

It is a fact that to Mugabe, his wife and their gang of delinquent minions, Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans are are their objects. They know that even if they urinate on the heads of Zimbabweans, nothing drastic will ever happen.

Grace Mugabe, her husband together with their surrogates are not the problem, Zimbabweans are. Barring the fact that I perceive Grace to be positioning herself to succeed Robert Mugabe, her suggestions are not necessarily a reflection of her obvious mental status but that of Zimbabweans. The challenge is that her mental status is accepted and known whereas on the other hand Zimbabweans are in denial of their mental status.

What informs Grace’s impoverished mind is the fact that we have allowed their gang to trample on our heads without any major consequences. We have made it easy for them to manoeuvre and bulldoze through with their madness. It’s now normal for them to treat us in a willy nilly manner. There are no consequences for their madness. We actually joke about it.

Zanu PF and its appendages undermine our intelligence but we seem to enjoy their act of mockery. For some mysterious reasons, we seem to enjoy their shenanigans. How we are a gullible audience to their tomfoolery is mind boggling.

One is therefore tempted to believe that we deserve all this nonsense Mugabe and his minions have been dishing to us. While we engage in our meaningless debates we have become a bunch of spineless cowards and shallow analysts.

I am afraid that ‘cowards and analysts’ won’t take us out of this pit of failure and despondency, people who are action oriented will and I choose to be one. This madness must be stopped and we must act decisively now.

(Patson Dzamara is a pro democracy advocate, leadership coach and author, and conference speaker based in Zimbabwe)

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