‘Someone tell Mugabe’: Obama’s post-presidency pics rile Zimbabweans

Harare - Those pictures of Baracks Obama enjoying himself on holiday with Richard Branson?

Zimbabweans are looking at them and wishing their 92-year-old President Robert Mugabe would take a leaf out of the former US leader’s book and hand over power.

Someone needs to tell Mugabe that life after presidency isn’t so bad,” said @Dobie_M in a widely-retweeted tweet.

Mugabe has been in power for nearly 37 years. Despite evidence of increasing frailty, he still plans to stand for re-election next year. He’s seen to be being held in place by his wife Grace and a faction of his Zanu-PF party loyal to her.

Retorted one Zimbabwean: “You think Grace would do that for us?”

There was even a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Mugabe should rival Obama and go bungee-jumping: after all, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe’s top tourist resort, offers that activity.

Commented @ali_naka: “Africa’s ‘greatest’ leader cannot be upstaged by Obama – villagers recommend bungee jumping for his 93rd birthday.”

Mugabe turns 93 on February 21. Supporters are planning a $2.5m party.

See some of the tweets below

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