A Letter from the Diaspora

Dear Mum and Dad,

2018 is just around the corner and if you insist on voting Mugabe into power again that will be enough assurance to me you can as well work and survive on your own.

I left our country in search of a job – any job – because of this man and his team. I am surviving in a foreign country under terrible conditions just to support you and the family in Zim. Every month I remit as much money as I can to buy you mealie meal and pay your rent. I cannot bear this load any more and want to return home to a better Zimbabwe. Please accept my request to change your mind.

Mugabe is not doing any good for the country.  Hamuna kurwa hondo kuti ndirarame senhapwa ndichishingirira kushandira imi. For you to endorse someone who is over 90 years of age to work for 15 million people is making nothing but a mockery of yourselves.

This coming election time is not for yourselves any more but for the future generations.  When they start campaigning go and support their rallies, accept their gifts of rice, fertiliser and all other items. Go on and make those compulsory donations — I will even find the cash for you. But when the time comes to vote remember these words, “Voting a 94-year-old into power is enough evidence that you at 62 can just as well work for yourselves.”

Your son,


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